I can't believe I just did that - I feel fantastic!

I posted recently about not really having a structure to my postgraduate running. What I did was to pick a notional 10k race - one that exists but I haven't entered for and probably won't - and set up a myAsics training plan to be prepared for it. So, the plan says it's preparing me for a 1:10 10k on 9th July. the next run in the plan was to do an 8.05k jog at a pace of 10:14min/k, which I set out to do this morning.

I was doubtful that I could run that slowly, and certainly doubtful about the 8.05K - my furthest distance to date was 5.6km.

I set off, jogging as slowly as I could without it feeling too awkward, but it was too fast. I concentrated on a slow, relaxed rhythm and eventually managed to get there. It felt comfortable and very easy - no heavier breathing, the only thing I did notice was that I was feeling tightness in my calves, probably because it was an unfamiliar shape to my running. The first k was 7:31, then the second was 8:18, which was close to what I was aiming for. I started to feel really good about how easy this was, and I was enjoying the run in a different way to normal. I'd joined two previous runs together to get the sort of distance I needed, and by this time I'd moved on to my Thames towpath/Christ Church meadow route. The running rhythm seemed constant and consistant, and I felt like I could run for ever. As I got to the end of k7, I started to contemplate the idea of carrying on. I did. Up Cowley Road, then rambling circuits of the local streets.

Previously, my furthest run was 5.6km, and on that run ran for the longest time I'd done - 39:14

Today....... *cue fanfare* ... I ran 10km in 1:16:35!!!!

I really am flabergasted. Without wanting to sound cocky, it felt easy, and I could have run on for longer, which, looking back just ten weeks to when I did W1R1, seems miraculous!

It's clearly about pace. I've learned a lesson today.

My run - connect.garmin.com/modern/a...


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  • Well done that's fab :)

  • Oh yeah, I like this a lot! Fabulous! I am very jealous of your average heart rate of 154 bpm too!!!

    I am following a MyAsics plan for a 10K race, which also exists (08/06) but I haven't entered and not sure I will, so it is great to see that these training plans help to build endurance, despite... or probably thanks to their slow paces!

    How are you feeling now? Legs tired?

  • I feel great! Legs are a little tired, but no aches. My knee held out too. This was the first run from the myAsics plan. I set it up late last week, but had to do the Parkrun on Saturday, which didn't conform. It all goes into achievements against the plan targets, though.

  • Well done! 10k is a fab distance! You have more time to hit your stride, regularise your breathing, time to speed up or slow down etc. It's the bees knees. Enter a race! It's FUN! I am an oldie but find I love a race. Never knew i had a competitive streak. On my second ever race i won a tenner! ๐Ÿ˜

  • :)

  • Wow Steve that's amazing! Concurs with a mates advice to me over the weekend (cycling but the principle is the same) slow pace builds strength and the rest comes later. Thing is, my actual pace is already slow haha but you have inspired me to think about my post grad plan. Well done you, bet you feel king of the world :)

  • I do! Don't sweat about your pace, just feel good about your running.

  • I do feel great, it is a life changing thing this running bug. Keep posting how you get on :)

  • Fantastic! You now have a 10k PB to beat ;)

  • What's good is that I know I can beat that time. I think I'm going to pay a great deal of attention on judging and controlling pace from now on.

  • Nice one Steve.

    What's interesting (albeit logical) is that your heart rate was below 150bpm for the entire first half of your run.

  • That was good to see - I could see from my Mio that I didn't go into the top HR zone until later on in the run. I also felt incredibly comfortable, breathing hardly raised at all.

  • That's brilliant- congratulations.

    Your progress is amazing. I'm so pleased you have been able to iron out your post-grad struggles. It appears you've got your running mojo back.

    Nice one!!

  • Thanks, Sarah. I think it was repeating the same run and not seeing immediate progress with it. Mixing things up and having a target really helps.

  • Well done. Amazing distance!

  • I'm still shocked and amazed. Thing is, it was so easy!

  • That's a terrific achievement. My first ever 10k was completed in much the same time. You did the right thing by taking it easy. Well done!

  • Thanks, Rob. I learned a lesson today about pace. Feel much more confident about progressing now!

  • Well done Steve. Slow and steady is the best course

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