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Week 6 run 3 done and dusted!

After it took me a few tries to get through week 5 last week, I've just done week 6 run 3 on my way home from work!

Anyone who read my earlier post on week 5 will know I've struggled to get past week 4 because of my endometriosis - now that I've started making real progress with the programme, I've noticed that this month my symptoms were so much better and I've had more energy generally - the only thing I can think to put it down to is running! It's inspired me to finally get my sugar addiction under control, because if running can make this much difference I can only imagine what healthy eating and running together will do!

I'm so glad I discovered this forum when I did, it's been very helpful and motivating.

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Congratulations annatonina on completing week 6 and especially coming back from work, you are now officially a runner, onwards and upwards to week 7.


Great, and also if you think it's helping your endometriosis that's brilliant. As for your sugar addiction😂 you can massively cut down I used to love chocolate the bigger the bar the better then I put a stop to it so good luck😊


I've given up sugar completely a few times before (right down to checking the labels for everything to make sure it was less than 3% sugar) and always found it easy once I'd been doing it for a couple of weeks but this time I've been struggling to get past a week! Hopefully with the new realisation of how good it will feel I'll be able to motivate myself.


Well done. Am looking forward to completing week 6 on Wednesday 😁


I've actually enjoyed this whole week, having been someone who hated running before! Good luck!


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