This time next week!!!"Walk the Wight" prep with sore ankle :(

This time next week!!!"Walk the Wight" prep with sore ankle :(

Not strictly a running post today! But next Sunday i'll be "Walking the Wight" 26.5 miles.............

( for the local hospice, it in its 25th year in 2015 and is quite an event over here ), with my big bruv and big sister. We did it last year, and i was hoping that my year of activity would have strengthened those legs up so that it is maybe a LITTLE bit easier??!! but typically my ankle has been a bit sore since my 2nd 15k (nearly all running) last Saturday................. :( Did a 7k run at the club on Tuesday but none since then! any recommendations for good ankle support? the strap i have made it feel more sore if anything! :X

Today was supposed to have been a training walk with my bruv, but hes been up watching the boxing and not had much sleep, so i let him off and George and i set off for a jaunt! decided to head Ventnor way, but as you can see from the photo it was foggy and the route i was heading up didn't work out and was also full of cows! so hence we went the main rd way, but did discover some pretty woods that i've not been in before! not sure the dog was 100% enthused with the random route, but never mind, at least we got out there for an hr, did some hilly bits , though our progress was slow with lots of stiles and slippery surfaces! headed to the park on way back to car and to clifftop to see the sea! hopefully the beach walk will come tonight when the tides out! :)

at least my new 1000 mile blister socks seem good and insoles for walking boots comfy! had a killer blister last yr!

wish me luck, might take it easy on the running on tues, and the going on practice bigger walk on thurs eve all being well....


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  • Oh I'm jealous. I love walking around Isle of Wight. Such lovely memories. Also I would love to do a walking Marathon. I thinks it's my next big thing on the to do list. Sorry not much advice on the ankle front apart from I have just got new hiking boots higher up than my last ones and they are ultra supportive for the ankle as my ankles were suffering on hikes. Unfortunately it probably is a bit late to get used to them. Hope it all goes well and you have fun.

  • I agree, i expect higher support boots would be a good idea, but i don't want to risk new ones, i should have looked at some weeks back really ! usually have no ankle trouble, its bad timing! sure it'll be fine by then- positive thinking! Yes its such a nice route, this is my 3rd time on full route , previously did the 2nd half(14 mile stretch) for last 10 yrs or so! 1st yr of full walk, it poured with rain and wind nearly all the way, that put me off for a few yrs! great event though :)

  • Put Vaseline on your feet before you set off Ali! It's the best thing to keep the blisters and sore feet at bay

    Does George not like a new route then? I thought he'd be up for owt! Funny aren't they, bless em

    I have walked two dogs today, together, which is always an adventure! I have a babysitting job for a Jack Russell soon!!!!! Well, not a job, just a favour for my neighbour who is on a mercy mission involving dog rescue in Italy. He is a rescue case himself and is in rehab with her. He might be a bit iffy as he's been passed about like a parcel but he should be ok with me. I have a plan just to walk him so he's pooped all the time. I'll get a photo of him

    I'll think about you next Sunday Ali! I'm racing on Sunday morning, the first 4k of which is uphill. I'll send you positive vibes. Enjoy your beach walk later and I hope your training goes well this week. If you have a sore ankle you'll have to just do a bit less than you might otherwise have done. I'm tapering now but still got two dogs in tow, so plenty of exercise and two 5 k runs before Sunday.

    It's all go int it! x

  • aah your neighbour sounds like a kind person :) you'll get him sorted, would love to see a photo!

    George LOVES the beach and forest, but sometime on somewhat boring routes he drags his heels, he didn't like being hoisted over the odd stile, and he doesn't like routes with stingy nettles! we had to go up path beside main rd and wasn't exciting enough! i didn't really know where i was going, it was VERY random walk! the mist kind of scuppered my plans, and you lose phone signal, so thought it best not to head to Ventnor downs, so somewhat shorter than planned! :X

    good luck for your race next week! 10k? or longer? our walk has a very vertical hill not far after start, will have to take photo!

  • Good luck Aliboo! I was told deodorant on the feet to stop blisters, but haven't tried it out.

  • thanks old git! interesting tip! i'm hoping my super duper "no blisters for 1000 miles socks" will do the trick this year!! :)

  • It's a 10k ! I will get a photo of the dawg and post it up. He has a pretty marking. He looks as if butter wouldn't melt but he's a typical JR and has issues with hyperactivity apparently. Oh gawd.

  • my JR looking very non hyper at the mo! he'll perk up in a min, my oldest brother is coming to pick me up to go out to see mum , his wife used to dog-sit George before we had him, he always gets excited and puddles(!!) so outside greeting i think!! :)

  • ps! excellent a 10k! you'll do great :) i've got 2 in June, (all being well) and hopefully a local 5 miler on 17th May :)

  • Erm yes. Perhaps that's best. LOL

  • hes just woken up and enthusiastically chased a thrush out of the garden, such bravery!! :)

  • If you weren't raving about your wonderful guaranteed blister free socks, I'd be recommending compression socks for your ankle. Perhaps use them for any runs you do in the meantime, and maybe round the house now and then. Mine have hideous blue markings on them so I wouldn't wear them for anything other than running or when inside....

  • I do have some plain black ones, will give it a try thankyou 😊 havent used the socks beyond a 9 k run walk so we will see if the guarantee works! Hhm! 😊

    our running shop sells brightly coloured compression socks with ducks and stuff on them, lots of people at our running club wear them! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Have a great walk - does George get to join you and the family!! I've found for running races using KT tape around the ankle gives me a feeling of security that something is holding it together, but at the same time it does not restrict you like tubigrips or larger supports do. I'm sure your walking boot will also help.

    Hope you get a better day than today for the Walk

  • Thanks c4ts!

    George is booked in for 2nd half, 14 mile stint, hope he will get on ok ! They get their own number and a doggy medal! 😊

    might give that tape a try, thanks for that!

    Boz has been on cycling randonee round island today, 72 miles in 4hr 23! πŸ˜†

  • Hi Ali I shall be thinking of you next Sunday, I bet you have a great time and hopefully nil blisters and an ankle that behaves itself! Take it easy this week and then enjoy the walk with your brother and sister- sounds lovely! x :-)

  • Hi karen!

    Hope so, it should be good and i am determined to get round, and george doing 2nd half togain a doggy medal all being well! No pain no gain!

  • Good Luck Ali, I will be thinking of you xxx

    We have got our Great Manchester Runon next Sunday too !

    Take it easy with that ankle , and enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Can't wait to see you and Runon on the telly! Hopefully a great day out for all of us! Need a photo of c25k team! :)

  • Ha ha, oh yes, we are having a team photo ! Mind you , I went out today with my running jacket and baseball cap on and it was absolutely roasting.

    I wasnt just purple , I was aubergine ! I will have to have a tamper with Photoshop before I post the photos if today is anything to go by ha ha :-)

    Theres lots of us on here with events happening next Sunday. Brilliant isnt it ? :-) xx

  • Im sure you will look fab! Isn't aubergine the in shade for runners! πŸ˜‚ i was roasting on my walk too,shedding layers😊! Xx

  • All the best for next week.

    Tubular bandages worked very well for my knee, Boots do ankle sized ones too if your socks and/or Kinesio tape don't work out.

  • Thanks Dunder! I shall be popping into boots i reckon.......😊

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