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So I had a bad run

Yesterday I embarked on W11,R1 of my B210k programme which involved 3x 17-min runs with 1 minute walks between (up from 15-min runs last session).

My iphone is stuck in limbo between contract and PAYG, so I borrowed DHs phone, found my music on spotify, downloaded the app and off I went. I followed the same route I did for W10R2, which is a little hill, then a long downward slope till eventually as flat is possible for the rest of my run. As this run involved 6 minutes more running, I knew I would need to go a bit further till the magic half way alert.

I always struggle for the first km or so, and it was probably after the first km that I realised that I had forgotten to activate mapmyrun, so I had no idea of pace. My calves were sore, but I kept prodding along, thinking they'll come right later on, like the usually do. At my first walking interval, I activated mapmyrun so I could at least then have an idea of my pace from then onwards, but based on my average I had already covered about 2.6-8km. Anyway, the calves were really store and I just couldn't run properly because I was tensing with the pain. I also got the worst case of pins and needles in my feet, despite my laces being so loose I could put my thumb in them. I kept stopping for traffic and eventually just 2kms (so less than 5km overall) after I activated mapmyrun I just couldn't run anymore.

I even phoned DH and asked him to come and pick me up, and even in all the time I walked, waiting for him to come I just knew I couldn't run another step and it had been quite disasterous.

However, I got absolutely no sympathy from DH when I got in the car. He said I am doing this whole bridge to 10km thing too fast and I am going to injure myself and for once he wished I would listen to him, because I always listen to my forum friends and never him and it hurts his feelings. WTF !!!!! I was livid and I never said a word to him unless I had to the the rest of the night. He even got the cold shoulder from me this morning.

I am still annoyed with him, and I will go back out again tomorrow night and attempt that run. I don't for one minute believe I am going too fast. I graduated 5km at the end of March, and I should be running / walking about 8.5km now, so I don't think I have pushed myself at all, Its was just my first bad run, but I still ran for 27-29 minutes.

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If you're following the programme's sequence as laid down then you should be ok as it's meant to increase incrementally so you don't hurt yourself. We all get bad runs, as Laura says, where there is no rhyme or reason, and she's right of course.

Don't worry about grumpy hubby. Perhaps you should have got yourself home without involving him. I would never ring my old man. I would get a taxi first. Less earache. LOL

Did you say Week Eleven? Or did you mean Week 2?


No doing week eleven - it's a bridge programme that takes you to 10k.


I am about to start the b210k as well and it looks similar to the c25k in that it increases gradually. It could have just been a bad run but your body might be moaning at you and needing a few days break. I gave my body a weeks break due to illness and picked up from where I left off but I felt pretty good and stronger from the rest. And a few days break won't hurt you. Xxx

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Just out of interest what version did you get? Cheers.


It's called 10k and it's by Zen Labs and it's free. I downloaded it from google app store. It's a 14 week plan and I am at week 9 r1 as it starts from couch. No encouraging Laura voice though and I use my own music but it looks ok. I will give it a whirl xxx


It may be that you need a bit of a rest - the follow on programmes (whichever one you choose) are jolly hard work. Well done for getting so much done by this stage though. Good luck with the future runs and best wishes.


I did the sami murphy podcast which is five weeks, but it took me longer. I would say that 11 weeks sounds sensible


Hello, I'm looking to start this too but can't seem to find the podcasts anywhere! Would it be possible to send me a link?


I don't use pod casts because 10k free is an app that you can get from the apple store. Sorry I don't know how to do links from my phone.


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