Parkrun 5km - 23:01 - 25 seconds off last week's PB!!!

Hi all!!!

Wohoo! I would have put an extra exclamation point if I had run a second faster but I think I will have to make do with 23:01!

Parkrun had a PB weekend, with a challenge for all Parkrunners to try and run a PB. Well I didn't really need the extra incentive but I used it anyway. I thought the only way I could beat my PB was to run a very fast first km and then settle into a pace I could keep up for the remainder. I ran the first in 4:18 and the rest between 4:40 and 4:46.

I use the virtual racer function on the Garmin Forerunner 610 which allowed me to race last weeks PB. This had me 35 seconds ahead going into the last km, but I lost some of this lead because my energy was gone by then. So this weeks 5th km was slower than last weeks, but overall a lot faster.

So I am pretty much at a 23 min 5km and that was my target by the end of this year, I am 3 months ahead of schedule.

Also I have now run 104.5km in the month and have a 6.5km run tomorrow, so will have over 110km in the month. Running the extra distance has definately helped my 5km times.

My Dad is due to graduate from C25K in the middle of next week and I have told him that he is joining me at Parkrun next week for his first 5km. I plan on pacing him to a 32 min 5km, which is achievable for him but will be a push. I have bought him a red C25K graduate shirt, so look forward to that pic next week!

Finally a fellow heathunlocked user from Liverpool joined us at Barking Parkrun, so a big hello to LFCFan.

Here is a link to my run:


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29 Replies

  • Amazing time, well done! The 610 is a lively bit of kit isn't it? I'm hoping it gets new round my 1st hm in a reasonable time tomorrow

  • Thanks! It is a very good watch, whenever I slowed down I could see my lead from last week reducing so I then sped up!

  • Awesome times- and really well done for getting your dad on board and getting him the t- shirt- brilliant :-)

  • Thanks!

  • Salaams Aftabs. Nice to meet you Will hopefully catch up with you again. A big thank you to the barking parkrun team also.

  • WaSalaam. Good to meet you and let me know when you will be back in the neighbourhood!

  • Oh Aftab. You just get better and better. I went out to try to catch you this morning but the best I could manage was exactly a minute longer than yourself - 24:01. I guess I'll have to give up any hope of keeping up with you. Before we know it, you'll be knocking out 22, then 21 then - I hope - eventually a sub-20 minute run! I just know you can do that by sometime next year.

    Good to hear your dad is up and running - you must be quite proud to have given him the inspiration to get going! Please pass on my best wishes as a fellow older runner.

  • Thanks Malcy! I hope by the end of 2014 to be close to a 20 min 5km, but it'll be hard work. All the improvements recently have been due to the HM training but soon I'll have to do interval training to improve my speeds and as we know interval training is tough.

    My Dad is doing well and it's good that my running nudged him into it too!

  • Also I'll need to get to about 20 min 5km until I get an age grading close to yours!

  • Maybe, but I'd rather be faster (:->)

    I have a 5.5 mile trail run tomorrow morning, going through a local estate. Looking forward to that, except there's a stream that's too wide to jump and I'm told that EVERYONE will be getting their feet wet! I guess it will make things a bit different and more interesting. Maybe I should do the run in wellingtons!

  • That sounds a bit different. The wellys can be an idea for a charity fun run!

  • Well done on your speedy Parkrun.

    I've run over 100 km for each of the past several runs, but the increase in distance hasn't increased my 5 km time. mind you, most of those 100 km have been run as long slow distance pace.

  • Thanks! I have run my longer runs at a fast pace and I think this has improved my endurance.

  • Wow, brilliant Aftabs, I have no idea how you can get your times down by such a margin each week; mine are all over the place!

    Such brilliant news about your dad completing c25k too, I'm sure it'll be a really special run for you next week.

  • Thank! I am expecting the improvements to plateau very soon, otherwise Mo Farah will have to watch out!

    Next week will definitely be fun!

  • Aftabs, I am running out of things to say........... STUNNING progress. Well done.

  • Thanks! I'm expecting a plateau soon but will do dedicated 5km training after my HM at the end of October.

  • well done Aftabs...I am so jealous of your time...and we are so close on the distance, I have clocked 111k this month so far with todays parkrun ( not that I'm competitive or anything...ahem!!)

  • Thanks! Well as long as you fit in another run this month you will beat me!

  • Amazing, I can only dream... What a c25k success story!

  • Thank you. It is a great programme and has given me the confidence to push on after graduating.

  • You are a real inspiration Aftab. So far in such a short time; big respect!


  • Thanks Sue!

  • Gosh Aftabs/ Baftas -- you are a star!

  • Thanks! But I've only managed to achieve this because of the help from so many people most of all all the encouragement from everyone here!

  • Inspirational Congrats! You one great runner! You should now start writing your own story of Me and My Running' to inspire the people who think of running but wonder whether they can ever success..(I was one of them in January this year!)..keep up the good work! Good luck!

  • Thanks for the kind words! Let's see if I can get a few more mins off my time by the end of 2014 and then I'll commission you as my book agent!

  • Great time Aftabs; I'm so envious!

    How are the rest of your family of c25k runners doing! You're doing brilliantly with your Dad, he is going so fast too, must be in the genes! - I am having to train hard to stay ahead of my eldest daughter (maybe I am too competative but I don't want to relinquish my 5km PB to her just yet! ;-)

    I see from fb my other daughter and son-in- law got up early today and did their week 8 run 1 before church; I have donated her a pair of my Asics trainers and proper running tights, she is taking pics of her red face to compare to mine and really seems to be getting the competative spirit too! Yay! :-)

  • Thanks! My Dad ran his first 5km this morning in 31:15. So he's very happy. It's great to hear about your family and the competitiveness should help push you all along.

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