After being inspired by a few people on here I set off for my run today. A totally different route

There has been talk about shaking things up with runs on here lately. I have been inspired by the posts, so with that in mind I set of on my run with a purpose today. The plan was to run to the place, drop off what I needed to drop of and run some of the way back. The run was 3 km there. That went perfectly breezed in for the drop off, hiding under my baseball cap. Knew there was a water cooler so I could have a drink before I slunk out again unnoticed. The run part was fine the slinking in and out was not. I managed to draw attention to myself by dropping a whole cup of water all over the floor. So I had to politely ask for a cloth and clean up my mess before I could breeze out again. A total of 10 min was taken up with this. Of I went again and ran a further 2km. The Ping went and I couldn't be happier. This is the first time ever I have completed 5km in a day. I know some breeze the 5km thing but I am a plodder and the total of the two runs was 42min. But for me this has been a hurdle I wanted to jump and am now feeling a bit happy with myself.


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  • That's great RFC, well done. Sorry, I did have a giggle about the water! I can just imagine me trying to be discreet like that! My first 5k times were around 45 minutes, a few weeks ago, but I did my first Parkrun on Saturday in 36:56 so I am sure you wont be a 'plodder' for long. Yes you should be happy with yourself too. x

  • Thanks. That's a great time for a park run well done.

  • Thank you. It really worked, people have been taking about it recently I was really excited before I went out.

  • My heartfelt congratulations - that is a really significant milestone, well done, you are right to feel happy with yourself :-).

  • Thank you.

  • The water incident is like something that would happen to me too lol . Congratulations though on the successfull 5k , really pleased for you , well done .

  • Thank you. I'm prone to things like this. I have learnt how to laugh at myself over time.

  • Well done Rfc! At least you won't forget that first 5k in a hurry!

  • Thank you. Yes well and truly etched in my mind.

  • Well done RFC! Now you've cracked it you won't find the next one hard at all. It won't be worrying you now. I think we have this mental barrier don't we, and it stops us doing stuff. Daft really, cos things are never as bad as we build them up to be in our heads.

  • Thank you. Yes your right I feel like I have got over a major hurdle that has been holding me back for a while.

  • So-- the water incident just goes to show that you can run 5klms but it doesn't necessarily have to be in a non-stop run.

  • I know its funny how we get a little stuck on rules that don't really exist. It's good to get the 5k. Under my belt.

  • Really pleased for you rfc. As we know running is not all physical and now that you have cracked that 5 k mental barrier there'll be no stopping you. Oh and at least the water accident was from a cup and not a body malfunction!

  • Thank you. It doesn't bear thinking about the other one. I don't think I will ever be a Paula Radcliffe hehe.

  • Fantastic, well done. :-)

  • Thank you

  • That sounds great! . I mentioned to my hubby that one day I'd like to be able to run to my local town (5K). He laughed. Said why would I want to do that? I asked well why not? Admittedly I'd be sweating and not clean company once I got there but it's just one of them goals really. Then bus it back. One day in the future this is...

  • Oh heck, do like RFC, run to town, have a break, spill some water, and run back. 10K easy peasy!

  • Excellent post. Great to see how you are adapting your running patterns and reaping the benefits. This "single and return" trip idea sounds fun and purposeful.

  • Thank you. Yes I find it lovely that these older bones can find excitement in something so simple as a change of run.

  • I'm impressed with you multitasking on your first 5km run. Delivery girl and a spot of mopping. Well done on your accomplishment :)

  • Thank you. Yes I am great fan of multitasking. Actually would love a few more hours In The day if that was possible.

  • Congrats for sneaking up on the 5K!

  • Thank you.

  • This post made me smile, partly the water incident but mostly you getting to a place that you can run 5k and enjoy it. Things haven't been a breeze for you but you have kept at it and now reaping the benefits. So chuffed for you!

  • Thank you. I really do feel I have turned a corner. It's no longer looming over me. I feel more In Charge of it now.

  • Well done you - I don't think 5k has ever been a breeze for me - I've only done it once since graduating!!

  • Thank you. I always think the harder it is to do the more it means.

  • Well done Rfc. I felt fantastic when I did mine & that wasn't long ago. As for the water - sorry but I giggled. I went to the Chi workshop on Sunday and the first thing I did was try to juggle a plastic cup of water & splattered it over a nice wooden floor & 6 strangers, nice strangers, but strangers. I would say it broke the ice but it wasn't that cold.

  • Thank you. I hope the Chi workshops went well. We could always start a water throwing club. Hehe.

  • We'd be the leaders in any water throwing events. Just keep practicing.

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