Parkrun No3

Well... Seconds after I started my bra broke! I'm not a small girl and really need my scaffolding. My sports bra cost me £50! My underwire come out!!! So I pulled it out the whole way to save the discomfort of having it sticking in my armpit! Fortunately I ordered one a week ago but didn't want to use it the first time on a parkrun. Wanted to test drive it first if you know what I mean!

I have made my first friend. He is an older not so small man who overtook me on all my runs so far. Today he gave me encouragement when he passed me and when he was on his way back (Ours is an out and back run on the seafront) he still made an effort to encourage me. I will look out for him before my next one to thank him! I was almost a pacer for a new girl who is overweight she kept me in her sights all the way and finished not too long behind me. She did really well.

My Husband and friends were certain I had a new PB today. They thought I was much faster but.. I wasn't. My time was 39:04, 16 seconds faster than last week. My PB is still the first run at 38:42. I was slightly disappointed, but not like last week. I haven't cried today! I had it in my head that I just have to cross the finish line. I did that. I also tried the speed program but found the slow bit was too slow and the fast bit is only slightly faster than I run anyway. I do think my steps are small and that is where I loose my speed. I even managed the faster pace on a hill! Was quite pleased with that.

I really do want to run with someone who is slightly faster than me to have something to aim for but there is always quite a big gap between me and the person in front. I have done some walking since the 5K and have got upto 20,000 steps on my pedometer. Now I'm tired!!!

I also weighed today... I was 12st 4 before Christmas and after lunch I weighed in at 11st 12! That's a pound down on two weeks ago even though I went away last weekend and had just treated myself to Faggots peas and chips! Ecstatic!

The best news is the Credit union called and when my account was changed when I moved to a different town the money didn't transfer so I had the pleasure of collecting £50! I thought I deserved a new handbag! It's pink and has an owl on it with a chain handle! Nice treat!

I can't make the run next week so look forward to the week after. Will be taking my lovely mutt out for a run on Monday. Might look to do a bit more distance wise!

Sorry it's such a long post! Happy running all!!!



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13 Replies

  • Sounds as though you are enjoying your Parkruns again after your previous disappointment. Well done on improving your time from last week. I'm getting inspired to try one myself quite soon. Congratulations on your weight loss - it's not easy I know. Good luck on your next run and best wishes.

  • thanks. I still have a long way to go weight wise. I'm reading the book 'Running like a girl' at the moment. It's helping. and it's hilarious! S X

  • I wanted to know how you coped with the wireless bit? Didnyou manage ok or was it uncomfy? Hope your new one is good. I use the bra tops. At first I wore them over a bra but I guess I am not that big as I didn't notice any difference without it.

    Well done on having the guts to do a parkrun. I haven't done one yet myself. It sounds good.

    I really think it's the taking part that counts and not the time.

    Well done xxx

  • Ironically it was fine! I'm a 34 HH. I don't get on with the usual wireless sports bra's I used to get blistering. but I had no discomfort or much movement really. I was quite surprised. I guess you get what you pay for! I used to try and get the cheaper ones and layer them but it just wasn't comfortable. For me it really is worth the extra money. It's not like I buy them every few months. I got this one almost a year ago and It's had a hammering!!

    You really should try a parkrun. Everyone is so supportive and you get to meet so many people! There were 180 in mine today alone!

    S X

  • I will deffo do a parkrun soonish x

  • Well done you ! :-) Sorry I did have a bit of a chuckle about the tale with your bra , what a palaver ! :-) xx

  • I was hoping It would make someone smile! It broke on my last run but I did a temporary fix until my new one came back! Didn't work though!!!

    S X

  • Ha ha :-) xx

  • It's kinda like a peppered meatball in gravy always served with mushy peas! It's all over Wales but I'm sure it's in the rest of the UK too. It's one of my favourite treats from when I was little.

    I collect owls too. I have a shelf full of miniatures as well as purses bags and jewellery.

    I'm doing my best in the runs. How are you doing?

    S X

  • Try this - to run faster. It seems to be working for me. One day per week - go back to W2D1 , which was 1 minute running and 90 seconds walking repeated 8 times. . Now - this time GO FOR IT for the 1 minute running - go all out at it ( within reason of course :)) and then walk for the 90 seconds. Continue do this. After about 4 repeats you should be starting to get a bit tired - if not, you aren't running fast enough!! .. Try to keep running as fast during the last 4 x1 minutes as the first 4x1minutes. During the running parts, you don't really have to worry too much about breathing -- just go for the speed. LIft your knees higher than normal and drive them forward. Lean ever so slightly forward as you run the 1 minute - they are basically a "sprint" . You should be fairly exhausted at the end of the 8 repeats ( 20 minutes)

  • I have thought about this a few times. I was thinking of jogging on the 90 seconds bit thought it would be to hard so I haven't tried it. I will try it out tomorrow or Wednesday with the walking intervals!. Thanks!

  • Really enjoyed your post, hilarious! You have inspired me to try Parkrun next week. I went along to have a look yesterday and it was so friendly and totally mixed and I think I could fit in OK. The guy who started Parkrun was there as a guest yesterday. Very motivating.

  • can you imagine... running down the seafront while pulling out your underwire (with people overtaking you) ? I put it in the nearest bin and kept going! I was laughing at myself so was hoping I made someone smile!! Which parkrun are you looking to do?

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