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Parkrun 5km PB - 21:21!

Hi all!

I got a new Parkrun 5km PB! 21:21!! 11 seconds faster than last week. I was paced around by one of our faster runners this week. He decided to wear about 6 layers of clothes today to prepare for a fireman's fitness test he has coming. He normally runs in about 19:30 and I used it to my advantage by tagging along with him for the majority of the run.

I am happy that I am still pacing myself well, I ran the first 2.5km in 10:40 and the second 2.5km in 10:41. It was more difficult this week but that is to be expected now! Hopefully I can keep the improvements up and keep climbing up the field at my local Parkrun! I am still keeping our C25K graduation shirt on because we all need to advertise this great training programme.

Happy running all!


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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nooooooo - it's AFTABS, rocking the parkrun in unbelievable times!!

So impressed with your PR performance Aftabs, well done. If you don't crack the sub 20 minute soon, then I'll be MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTED!!

No pressure then!



Thanks for the imaginative praise! The long term aim is a sub 20 min but that'll be at least a year away.


You're a machine!! Well done. What an absolutely amazing PB. Very jealous :) xx


Thanks! I wish I was a machine, my legs wouldn't be as achey now! I'll have to do some good stretching this evening.

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Well done on another Parkrun PB Aftabs, amazing how well you have done. Hope you are still doing Junior Parkrun as well.


Thanks! We haven't been to a junior event for a month because Hafsa has been ill. She's better now and is looking forward to a run tomorrow!


Well done. I am In awe of your time. I hope Hafsa feels well enough for her run tomorrow.


Thanks. I've managed to be strict with my training and stretching and fortunate not to get any injuries. I've kept it up for a month now which is why I've been able to get PBs. Hafsa has been well today so hopefully she will get to do her 2 km tomorrow.


That really is fantastic...even more Bionic Man than before...


Thanks JJ!


Another one ! Fab-u-lous !


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