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Week 2 run 3 Very hard work

Completed run w2r3 and boy was it hard , my daughter has decided to run with me today ,she wanted to pick up were I was on the program but being half my age and about 3 stone lighter she wanted to go faster than me ,so I tried to keep up with her and I did manage it but struggled with my breathing.

I was really pleased I done it but with my breathing I am now scared to move on to week 3 in case I fail, my breathing was so bad that is what made me struggle so much. Legs willing, lungs not so willing maybe I should repeat the last run again at my own pace and see how I go and stop trying to keep up with the young ones

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Increasing speed at this stage can be hard work and very demoralising. It's generally considered that we don't try to increase until after graduation. I think my advice here would be to do the run again at your own pace and then move on to week 3 - again running at your own pace. I did a podcast today where you have to keep in time to the beat (it's a follow on from graduation) and it didn't suit me at all - so I'm reverting to my own easy pace for the time being. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


I wouldn't repeat the run. You did it even with the pressure of a faster pace set by your daughter. It's on to the next run. You are more than ready. I do suggest going at your own pace though.


Thanks for the advice ,I think I will try and do run 3 and if unable to will go back a step . I will defo try on my own so no pressure ,will post how I get on .


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