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Week 3 run 2

Nearly didn't go this morning as woke up with a banging headache (not a hangover!), but thought if I got up and out it might help it go.

Legs felt a bit heavy to begin with but by the last 3 minute run I actually felt like I could have run for longer, so happy with that.

Still have the headache though, so not happy about that!

I know these aren't the most interesting posts, but I'm using this as a kind of diary to keep me motivated.

Hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday

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Impressed that you went out with a headache. Great internal motivation!!

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Thank you! Figured that if I wasn't bed ridden, I should get myself out there!


Well done!

I may go later on today. Still having trouble with my shins so debating whether to have a rest week or not.

I look forward to running though 😩

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Oh no, I really don't know what to suggest in regard to shin splints. Maybe it's best to rest and then you can be fully recovered rather than try and keep running and make them worse!

Hope they get better soon!


Well done I'm used to running with headache usually down to cider! Find a couple of ibroprofen does the trick.

Keep running

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