Couch to 5K

week 8 run 2 -hard work

That was really hard work pushed through to the 5 minutes as thats when I normally feel in a rythym. By minute 7 I wanted to stop my body was tired and was screaming get off this thing and get back on the couch.

Anyway my very stubborn inner self did not listen and I eventually got to 28 minutes and still felt down as I hadnt felt happy the whole run. Doing my analysing after the run I decided that I should be more proud of myself for finishing a hard run than when it all seems to go well and so should any one of you that push through a run.

So I am now smiling.

Over the 40 minutes with warm up and down I completed 4k so still along way off but before next year I will get there.

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I know exactly how you feel! Why do we beat ourselves up? I need to learn to be pleased with myself for my efforts. You are so nearly there now, and what a long way you have come :) I will take your advice and concentrate on happy thoughts when I go out later! :)


Thanks so much good luck on your run when you go.

Obviously I missed your graduation day with family comittment away from computer. but well done thats brilliant.


Thankyou! Thats kind :)


WOW, well done! I can't imagine getting to 28 minutes at the minute (got W3R3 tonight) You should be patting yourself on the back BIG TIME for getting out there and doing it. Especially when you look how far you have come over the weeks...You should be grinning from ear to ear :D


Thanks so much doggymum it wont be long before someone just starting will say the same to you thats the beauty of this forum always someone ahead to help when we struggle.


Sometimes it is really hard but I think it's best to just move on and forget it and just think how far you have come in such a short time! Also, these runs make the good runs so much sweeter! You haven't got long to go now and you will have your shiny graduate badge! It's such an achievement, be proud!


thanks so much Gridlet.

I know getting the badge is not the end but for me to get anything for running is amazing.


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