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What Have I Done?!?!

Background: Did a 5k with no problem on Thur 24th & a 20 minute interval run on Sat 26th. Went into work to help my BF sort out samples in the warehouse and did a few hours of lugging boxes around and general hard work. My legs felt a bit tired, but in a good way.

Then on Sunday morning I decided to do workout 1 of Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. There's quite a lot of lunges and squats to do but I managed them all with no problems. But then it all went horribly wrong - after my shower, I almost fell down the stairs as my legs went to jelly!

I've had "weak" legs before but this was a lot worse. My legs didn't ache too much but there wasn't a lot of strength to them. That was weird!

But then Monday morning, I was in agony! The front of my thighs felt like they were being tortured by red hot pokers! I thought the walk to work would loosen them up abit but I spent the whole day hobbling around.

It still hurts to sit down, stand up & walk so what the hell have I done?! I'm OK sitting or standing still but it hurts so bad when I move.

Have I just got sore legs or have I done some real damage???

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It's the jillian michaels factor! I am using her fitness dvd's and the last time I did the banish the fat one I thought I would die! They do work out the legs don't they, and I think the post workout pain just shows how tough it is

You'll be fine tomororrow but you knees might take another day. You can still run though


I can barely walk let alone run. My knees are fine, it's the muscles at the front of my thighs that are the probelm. When I did the 30DS last year, I did find some moves hard on my knees so I subsistuted them - had no problems after that.

I have read that I can continue to exercise through muscle soreness but I am worried about doing so because the pain is so bad and I'm walking a bit funny (trying to compensate I think).

If I sit down and extend my legs up to horizontal (like a leg lift in a gym - I don't know the name of the move), then it starts to hurt.



I would try walking round to warm your muscles up a bit, then try a FEW gentle lunges and squats to stretch the muscles you used and then repeat now and then - not to "do" the exercises, just to stretch the muscles. As the pain only came on after you stopped, I would imagine that this is extreme muscle soreness rather than anything more serious (but I'm not medically qualified, and I'm not saying this isn't serious pain!).

If you ever attempt this or any other exercise programme again, then be forewarned ... do fewer repetitions to start with and make sure you stretch properly afterwards.

I did my calf muscles in once when I changed how I landed when I was running - could hardly hobble up or downstairs and was still in pain after 3 days. At that point, one of my friends gave me the end of a tube of deep heat and it REALLY helped!


Oh sounds painful! Were you stopping and starting a lot in between moving boxes etc. for your boyfriend? I ask because back in feb I participated in a dodgeball tournament which required jumping, twisting, running and throwing. I was fairly fit at the time, but the problem was stopping and standing about in between matches without cooling down or warming up for the next match. I was in absolute agony for 3 days after - had to take pain killers the next day to get through the day and couldn't sit down etc. much as you have described. The matches were really short - i think 3 x 5 min periods and we did 5 matches in total so it's not like it was hour upon hour of exercise, I just think I seized up from standing around in between.

Whatever the cause I hope you feel better soon!


My flat mate is a personal traininer and I have only ever had one work out with took me a week to recover properly! We really over did things to the point of every muscle hurt for days but my legs were the worst, I could hardly climb stairs...when trying to take my seat at work I would have to fall into my chair as my knees would not bend. It's a sign you have over done it...

Hope your legs feel better soon!


Just sore legs, and often the 2nd or the 3rd day is worse than the 1st for all the aches and pains. I do Body pump for Les Mills and the first classes were the worst, you body just needs to get used to it. Take an asprin if your really in pain it can help.


If it is now making it difficult for you to walk properly, along with the other difficulties you mention, I would honestly advise you to see a doctor. It may be nothing to worry about but it is better to be safe. Good luck and best wishes.


Glad to say that despite my legs still feeling sore, they're nowhere near as bad as yesterday. I'm still feeling soreness when I move but I can at least walk properly!

Fingers crossed I can do a small run tomorrow.

Thanks for the pity and advice guys!


Managed a 15 min run this morning - legs were fine & I could have probably done another 5 but I was too hot & thought "better safe than sorry"!


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