Couch to 5K


So started week 5 run 1 today. Did the first 5 min run no problem, even conquering my first hill! Unfortunately as I started the second run it was on a bit of a steep downhill road and within 1 minute I had sprained my knee :-(. I had to walk the rest of the route home and am now sitting with an ice pack on it. I'm hoping I can get back out there on Wednesday, but gutted my run ended miserably today

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Oh no! I just did my W5R1 and I have a niggly lowerback/hip/sciatica problem which I hope will settle down for Wednesday's run. I know how frustrating it is, to be failed by the body rather than the mind! Especially as we have done so well to keep at it 3 times a week. Rest up and I hope that all is well with your knee as soon as possible.


Rest it and use ice, compression and elevation. If it seems to improve then give Wednesday's run a try. If not then you may have to be patient for a while. It's rotten luck I know. Hope it gets better soon. Good luck and best wishes.


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