I used to run, and about 5 years ago I completed a half marathon. I now can't run a mile after stopping training, but I'm trying to get back there as I know I felt much fitter and healthier. However Im so tired after work and Im often back quite late so Im finding it really hard to then motivate myself to run. 'Ill go tomorrow' is my mantra but I know tomorrow never comes. Im thinking maybe before work maybe a good time, but would mean a 5.20am alarm call. So... basically Im wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom, or does anyone here manage  to get an early run in before the day starts? I think I know what I need to do (just do it!!) but looking for someone to tell me off/ inspire me/ kick me up the backside! Thanks x


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  • You have said what you need to do, now you need to just do it.

    It is as much a mindset as anything , once you are out you will be just fine ☺

  • I started the NHS C25k almost three years ago and wondered how on earth I would fit it in. Within a couple of weeks my enthusiasm was getting me out of bed at 5.30 am every other day. By the time the days shortened, I was well and truly hooked, so a head torch became a necessity to get me through the winter.

    Now is the perfect time to start. The mornings are still cool but light and I just love the summer months and morning run sets me up for the day. I will admit that when I first started I sometimes felt tired during the day, but now I always feel better for having run, even though I do a physical job.

    You know that running is a huge boost to your physical and mental well-being and although it is designed for beginners the C25k programme is a gentle way to get back into running with minimal injury risk, so I would thoroughly recommend it.

    So, good luck, shift your ass and embrace the endorphins.

  • Follow the program using the podcasts and you cannot go wrong. You'll be hooked in no time like the rest of us :)

  • Get out there is fantastic! 

    Cool, yet pleasant... it will invigorate and start your day with a zing!

    I always run early.. even before Graduation in the dark weeks of the Autumn and Winter..I ran in the dark... now, with the lighter mornings... it is just superb!

    Star slow, start steady..listen to the programme and... at your own pace, until you get back into it.

    "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can"...and Go For It!!!! :)

  • I'm with Oldfloss on this i am out by 6am on running mornings it's great and sets up my day plus i hate running in heat so it's perfect for me.

  • You know what you need to do - now you just have to want to get on with it!

    Just do it Jacko!

  • Plan to go in the morning... but if it hasn't happened, you might be surprised at how much less tired (or differently tired) you feel after running in the evening rather than saying "Never mind, I'll go tomorrow"

    Essentially... don't lock onto a time in the future.

  • Thank you for your replies everyone. You are all right! No more excuses!

  • The excuses are way more tiring than getting on and doing it.

  • I also run in the morning, up and out by 6 am - sometimes even earlier. I started walking at that time about 18 months ago and slowly it turned into running. Experience has taught me that I never get round to running after work, I never know when I will finish for a start. I'm in control in the morning and it sets me up for the day. On days when I don't run I walk for about the same time, so I don't have any discussions with gremlins about an extra half hour in bed. 

  • With the help of all of these 'get in with it' messages, I headed out into the mizzle to complete week 4 - and I felt fab after! So thank you 😀

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