Couch to 5K

Wow, what a fantastic buzz..........for an OAP ;-)

So today was the first of my Couch to 5K, the first of many hopefully.

OMG after the 5 minute walk, I suddenly just took off and started my first 1 minute run, total elation!

I suspect I will struggle as time goes on but today was brilliant, tomorrow is the London Marathon, generally I have no interest but I am going to try and watch it tomorrow.

Pleased I found this site too, seems very friendly.

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Well done on your first day Ruff :)

I always thought the first run was the hardest, but that's a matter of personal opinion!

Everyone has good days and bad, but those moments of glory you get completing each run out way the bad!

Let us know how things go along for you.



Just read your profile, sounds like you have been through something major so well done for getting started. I've no idea how long it takes to run a mile when you get started but with determination there is no reason you shouldn't make it. Welcome to the forum. :)


Just spent some time getting a spreadsheet ready to fill in, you know, the up's and down's of the event! :)

Phew, beginning to panic on:

WEEK 5- Workout 3: brisk 5 mins walk, then 20 mins run, with no walking.

WHAT, no walking and 20 mins run, I've suddenly decided on doing cross-stitch instead!

BTW cheers for commenting.

Reply w5 you'll be ready for the 20 mins! Put down that cross-stich now!!


In all honesty, I would sooner chew on my right arm than consider cross-stitch! ;)


By the time you get to week 5 you will be able to do it! I have never been able to run in my life (or so I thought) and am due to do the last run of week 9 on Monday - am 50 this year so not a spring chicken!


W5R3 was my absolute favourite. I was Buzzing ! :-) Don't miss it, whatever happens.............

Stop fretting - you may have tough times but, if you stick with it and trust the program, you will have moments of true elation that will make it all worthwhile. Even when it is really tough, you can feel pleased with yourself for persevering.


Well done, only started last week but have found this a great place for support and encouragement.


I'm 63 and six weeks ago I couldn't run from one end of the sofa to the other, let alone 5k away from it. I am due to start Week 7 tomorrow. Loving every minute of it and the buzz that I got after my first 20 minute run was amazing. Also doing a big and beautiful cross-stitch to commemorate my grandchildrens' Christening on 6th May. Keep going Ruff! x


Welcome Ruff and I wish you lots of happy running. You'll soon get the hang of it.


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