Couch to 5K

Week 5 runs 2 and 3

No I didn't do both in one day! I've been working away last week so couldn't get online to update.

Run 2 was on Wednesday in a hotel gym on a treadmill. Actually not a lot to report. It didn't seem much harder than week 1 and I had no repeat of the soreness in my knee. So pretty pleased but with run 3 looming and putting a bit of a damper on things.

So, run 3 at the weekend. To my mind this is where it starts to get serious and is probably the biggest challenge mentally since actually starting the programme. Anyway back at my usual gym and got stuck in. The first ten minutes wasn't too bad at all but I did find myself really concentrating on the running. But before I knew it the time was up.

It wasn't pretty and it certainly wasn't fast but I got through it!

The little 'YES!!!' at the end obviously came out louder than I intended as the guy on the next treadmill nearly fell off with surprise.

I was probably redder than usual and certainly more soggy. The base of the treadmill was more like a paddling pool I'd dripped so much. My heart rate at the end was also a pretty scary 167 but before the end of the cool down had settled to mid 130s so well back into the safe zone.

Anybody reading this who is still to get to week 5 should take heart. I'm not young, I am overweight and with a reasonable list of defects. If I can do it so can you. Just have faith in the programme and confidence in yourself. And of course use the support here. It really can make the difference.

Roll on week 6 ( he said probably a bit too cockily!)

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Well done. It is a great milestone to achieve and will boost your confidence. As for week still has challenges, so you are right, don't get too cocky. Good luck. Keep running, keep smiling.


I don't doubt that! I guess I was so sure in my mind that W5R3 was next to impossible that I was more than a little surprised to finish it. I'm definitely up for the challenge now and that is the real difference for me.


Congratulations! Week 5 is a big step up so you must be feeling great!


Well done on completing week 5. You are well over the halfway mark now and almost two thirds of the way through. Good luck with week 6 but please do treat it with respect. Going back to intervals for the first two runs is a lot tougher than it may seem and has caught people out. Take things very slow and steady and you will get through it okay. Best wishes.

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