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Week 3 - Down! And a motivating compliment, to boot!

Today I completed my third run of week 3. My two runs this week weren't too bad, but I thought that maybe my third one might be a bit difficult (a little bit of calf pain from my two runs, but soaking in a hot tub always helps). The night before my third run, well, actually at 3 AM in the morning, the phone rang waking my hubby and I out of a sound sleep (turns out it was some idiot trying to fax something to our number! UGH! It took us awhile to get back to sleep).

So, I didn't get up at my usual time in the morning, slept a bit later--slow start to the day and all that, but I did get to the gym to do my run on the treadmill. It was a foggy start (for my brain anyway), but once I got past the first 3-minute run, I was properly warmed up, and completed week 3/run 3--YAY! As I was wiping down the handles on the treadmill, the gentleman next to me said, "you know, you made me tired just looking at you." Wow, I certainly must have been in "the zone", as they say! Truth be told, at one point, I was wondering if I could finish. Well, that "motivational" comment made my day and then some! Onward to week 4!!!

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every one round to Lolly188t house, hot tub alert -

well done :-)


and I did just that! it was marvelous...thanks for the encouragement.


Very very well, done - 3 minutes sounds like an eternity to me. Particularly after a bad night's sleep.


OMG who uses faxes in 2013?


Ha ha!! I know, right??? like i said, whoever it was is an idiot and is also a criminal (invading my home against my wishes)...anyhow, we only had that landline phone on because of aging parents. We've since updated our contact info to come to our cellphones only! :)


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