Couch to 5K

Happy, Happy, Happy :)

Just back from a run. Not a c25k, as I got out of sync with them - programmed into Runmeter app wrong and only just realised (idiot!!)

However today I managed 3.11km in 20 minutes. Very happy with that as when I started at the beginning of April the 90 seconds running was a challenge.

Even almost managed to adopt myself a dog today, as he decided my slow pace was better than the much faster pace of his owner :)

Off to Harrogate to work next week - taking my gear, but thinking there's far too many hills there.


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Wow. From nothing to 20 minutes in under a month! Well done.

Definitely take your kit with you when you go to Harrogate. Running somewhere new always makes the run more interesting and a little easier too.


Will do, but don't know the hours yet and they are usually long!

Found an Indian takeaway about the right distance from the hotel to pick up dinner en route ;) will be taking the insulated rucksack.


Well done on such amazing progress. I'd also say to take the running gear with you. Even if you don't get a chance to use it, if you don't have it you can bet your bottom dollar you'll find time for a run and curse if the kit isn't there. Good luck and best wishes.


wow, you're progressing really quickly, well done! that a good distance in that time! :)


The Stray in the middle of Harrogate is all flat. Very pretty too with cherry blossom tree avenues crossing it. Lovely at the moment!


So, running kit safely stowed in the hotel room, and likely to stay that way :(

6am starts every day and earliest finish so far has been 7.30pm. All I've be bothered to do after that is pub, food and bed.

Have done lots of walking though. So putting the miles in that way.

Agree the Stray is lovely.


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