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Happy ,Happy ,Happy :-)

Just want to say thank you to every one who gave me support and encouragement following my last blog.

Today I went out to tackle week 3 r2 and yes everyone I cracked it managed the whole 3 min runs and actually enjoyed it.No problem what so ever. I just tried to go at a slightly slower pace and it made all the difference. Think I'm a evening runner though all my successful runs have been in the evening. Any idea why that might be?

I'm so happy and can't wait for the next session now. I actually think I might be able to do this after all. :-)

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:-) CONGRATULATIONS! I prefer evening runs also! :-) I can't wait for Spring so I can run late into the evening without the fear of slipping on ice etc. It truly is amazing, when we actually slow down and then conquer that ugly gremlin telling us the negative nellies, what we can achieve. Glad you kicked him to the curb! Onwards and upwards!!! :-) Gayle


Congrats on the run ...sometimes it is more about getting your head around it, when I slowed down it clicked for me too and then I knew I could do it :)


Yeaaaay! Nice one luvleeju- very well done! Knew you'd do it.

May it continue with your next runs

Keep running!

Ali :-)


I knew you would be ok Julie! ;) Yes, you can do this - believe it!!

Well done!



Hey there! I currently am on my W3 R1 now and it felt tiring, but I managed to finish the run! I'm so happy to read you made it and I agree with you about the whole evening-run stuff. It happens the same to me too!


Hooray! Well done Julie. :) And well done Gregg too!


well done that is great! you can definitely do it - slow and steady wins the race :-)

I love evening runs too - I think for me it's because the darkness helps me zone out from my surroundings (during the day I get a bit distracted), so I am totally focussed on the running - which in turn helps me clear my mind from all of the stresses and strains of the day and then as a Brucey bonus you get to have a nice luxury bath when you get home and put your PJs on :-)


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