Parkrun take 2

Well I did it again and have to say I found the run a lot harder than last week (as my time testified).

The actual turning up and doing it was OK and I actually spoke to a few people...I am getting better at this! But the run????? From when they said go to when I crossed the finishing line all I kept thinking was WHY am I doing this WHY, WHY, WHY?????? oh and am I nearly there yet (sound like my 9 year old nephew in the car!). But I suppose I should be telling myself I did it! I will repeat the mantra in my head until I am convinced!!!

There is always something to beat myself up with and this time it was because I was slower than last week (at least 30 seconds) and I was hoping to go a littler faster (I'd realistically hoped for 10 seconds). Oh well may be next week!!! Will look at my splits later to see if I can see what happened (e.g. way to fast again at the start) but don't think the warm weather helped.

I'll go back next week and see if I can go faster....thinking it could get addictive seeing your official time on the net.


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12 Replies

  • Isn't it strange how some runs are just hard from start to finish? But well done on talking to people!! Next week you'll probably have a great run. Lucyx

  • Where is this warm weather you are talking about, its rather grim here! Congratulations on the park run, and carrying on till the end x

  • it is grey but was very warm whilst running...even started without a jacket! I did the parkrun in Bromley, Kent

  • It's very muggy, too warm and overcast. Not enough air to get 10 seconds faster!

  • Seriously 30 seconds slower is a massive achievement when you found the run so much like hell! Come on now, cheer up as you did blooming great :)

    I'm proud of you :D

  • I went down to the beach this morning and walked our ParkRun to see what it was like. Its terrible, as I said its at the beach, the wind coming on off the North Sea was enough to freeze polar bears let alone humans. The course is so straight you can look down and see 2.1/2 Km of which you have to run with the wind full in your face either on the way down or on the way back up. It will be a good few weeks and a lot warmer before I try ours I think.

    Well done and your second time out though, it will get easier as you get more used to the course, or so I was told this morning!!

  • but I'm not sure I believe them at the mo lol

  • I've not got to 5k yet so I have no business commenting but perhaps, if you do the parkrun every two or three weeks instead of every week you will see a marked improvement in your time. The progress should outweigh the normal ups and downs you have in your runs maybe. Just a thought - good luck with the next one.

  • Gosh being slower by only 30 seconds is excellent, sounds like pretty good consistency to me, especially as you found it tough going! Very few runners run consistently faster over that distance without training for it, eg doing one session a week of intervals or whatever. I think you did brilliantly.

  • Glad to hear you're talking to others. The weather really makes a difference to me too. Went out for a run with my daughter, she's on week 9, and she kindly paced along next to me instead of leaving me behind. I was fine for the first 15 minutes but it was kind of muggy and I just lost power. She carried on but I turned round to head back to the car and ended up walking for a couple of minutes then tried running again but I just kept wishing I had on a vest instead of the running shirt I'd put on. I'd also had my lunch too near to running time. All in all it was a pretty disappointing run but as we've all said before 'tomorrow is another day and another run'. I understand you need to do 50 parkruns to get a T-shirt so 1 bad run out of 50 isn't bad.............assuming the next 48 are fine... :)

  • It's weird isn't it how some runs are ok and others aren't. I think you're brill for doing the parkruns, my OH did ours yesterday (he didn't speak to anyone!) and now that I've tackled the hill there I may do one in the next few weeks.

    Here's to a great one for you next week! :)

  • glad it's not just me then! I think will challenge myself to speak someone each week (even if it is just a hello) when i go!

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