Wk6 R3 & Jelly Knees

I have to say that I found this the hardest of the runs so far. I was determined that I wouldn't give in and I made it to the end but as soon as I stopped running for my cooldown walk my legs (literally) nearly gave way as my knees turned to jelly. I was amazed last week that I could do 20 minutes and it felt comfortable to do, but BOY I REALLY felt those extra 5 minutes today! Maybe it was just a bad day and I'm hoping next week will be better....? :o/. ( I mapped my route and covered 4.14k in my 25 minute run)

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  • Perhaps your legs were still tired from running further the other day, overtaking the other runner? :-P

    More seriously now: maybe you should slow down a bit? That's quite a distance covered in 25 minutes, I think...

  • Mmmm...you could be right. I have to admit that today didn't feel anywhere near as comfortable as previous runs and after 5 minutes Laura said that I should have found my pace by now - but I hadn't. I'll start Wk 7 deliberately trying to slow my pace and see how that goes. I'm wondering if (unconsciously) I was going faster because I had planned on tracking the distance at the end?

    Thank you. :o)

  • Well done you! You did it! Onwards and upwards - after all, you are a runner now, Laura says so!

  • Yeay!! I'm a runner!! Is this REALLY ME???!!!! :oD

  • Well Done. My week 6 run 3 was exactly like that (maybe a little slower, I covered 4k) but Monday I started on Week 7 and deliberately went slower and it felt good again. Wednesdays run was slightly faster and maybe a little faster tonight :) .

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