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First run of week 9 done and not too bad at all!

I managed to restrain myself and took the full 2 day break between weeks which I think has helped. I think I might actually do this now! I have a few different routes and what I am doing on the longer runs is altering path of my warm up walk so that I start running earlier in the route but always finish about the same place so my mind is tricked into thinking I am not running any further than earlier weeks. It works for my feeble mind anyway! :-)

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That is SUCH a brilliantly simple idea - I'm going to nick it for my next run. I was wondering how to make my route longer for w9. Thanks!


I too took the 2 day break before starting week 9 run 1 - I definitely felt rested. It's good to listen to your body - clever aren't we?! lol

Best of luck for your final week. I'll see you on the graduation podium in a couple of days time! (I'm just one run ahead of you)



Should be done on Monday. My 14 yo son here this weekend, so goiny to try and persuade him to come with me for run 2 on Saturday morning but think his bed will be more appealing to him!


Well done on starting week 9 - of course you will complete the week. I tricked my brain in week 7 by telling myself it was a 30 minute run which meant I stopped sooner than the brain expected me to (after 25 mins). By the end of that week I was actually able to run a couple of extra minutes! We do whatever necessary to get ourselves to the next level. I totally agree with taking an extra rest day - I always take two days rest between the finish of one week and the start of the next new challenge - that works well for me. Good luck with your graduation week and best wishes.


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