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running in the rain


Has anyone got any suggestions for running in the rain and wearing varifocal spec's. I do wear a peaked cap, but by the time I've clumped along for a minute they're all steamed up and sliding down my nose. i've tried going 'eye naked' but the risk of lumbering into an innocent tree or landing in a ditch of stingers is too great.

Thinking about it, I do think I ought to get a pair of cheap spares, if they ever fell off while out I'd never find them again... though I'm not sure 'cheap' varifocals exist!

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I have lost a pair of specs already. I retraced my steps but couldn't find them. Doh! Good job they were only cheapo! I wonder if Specsavers have any deals on?


If your glasses are sliding down your nose, I question the fit. Mine are heavy as I have very strong lenses, but they don't slide down my nose, even when I'm jiggling about when running over rough terrain or hurtling downhill on my mountain bike. Which is just as well since these cost several hundred quid.

I don't had a problem with them steaming up either (except when cycling on really cold days and wear my Buff pulled up over my nose), but suggestions I've read on cycling forums suggest wiping the lenses with washing up liquid before your run, then polish with your soft cloth. Alternatively you can buy a spray from the likes of Oakley that is supposed to stop misting.

The only time I've had a problem with the rain on my glasses was when competing in a duathlan at Mallaig and the horizontal rain got on the inside as well as the outside of the lens and was difficult to wipe away.


What about attaching a reading glasses strap to them for now? At least then if they fall off your nose you'll be able to find them and they won't get damaged :)


It is possible to buy special sports frames with vents which prevent the steaming up. For example: sportsprescriptionglasses.c...

Alternatively, your optician may have some suitable frames in stock?

Specsavers can do prescription sports glasses:

I guess it depends how much running you are planning to do? I am lucky in that I am near sighted but am ok running without my normal glasses. If anything, I usually need my prescription sunglasses, but these are quite light.


I bought these for my husband as he had the same problem. Doesn't stop them fogging up but stops them slipping down


Thanks all, looks like Specsavers are top of the list....I really should get a spare pair I think, and the the straps are a must.

This running malarkey is interesting and challenging from all sorts of angles...spent half the morning reading about heel strike and the other half wandering about on the net looking at waterproof running kit, trainers and most of the running tutorials on YouTube , LOL even if I never get to run in a marathon I shall certainly be 'well informed'...!


Ha ha!


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