Running in the Rain

Raining here on the island this morning. Found it quite refreshing to run in the rain actually, didn't mind it at all.

When i got to the sea front to start my run there was a lot of police and security activity as we have various members of europes royal families visiting for a do at the Royal Yacht Squadron , which i run past each morning. Various Royal yachts in the harbour. Among the visitors are Duke of Edinburgh, Kings of Norway, Spain, Greece, Denmark and the Prince of Monaco. Wish i'd had a camera with me as some of those yachts were pretty impressive!

Run went ok. Again was a a little further on distance. (50m) but that was due to doing 1 minute 20 run at the start as i wanted to get round the corner past the police checkpoint as i thought i'd look a bit stupid doing all those stretches then stopping to walk after a couple of hundred metres :) .

Legs felt a bit better today!

Looking forward to next week and starting week 2! Have a great weekend everyone.


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24 Replies

  • I LOVE running in the rain! There is something very liberating in being so wet that you can just splash straight through the puddles and it makes no difference. Sounds like you had a great run - I'm jealous of your route!

  • Agreed, altho there seemed to be less joggers than usual out this morning. I enjoyed it. Looking forward to pushing myself a bit further in week 2. Yes i'm very lucky to have this route to run.

  • Well done Paul ! Running in the rain is fab isn't it ?

    Oh I am so envious of your route , I would love to live and run by the sea , it is my dream * Sigh *

    So that's Week 1 well and truly tucked under your belt , Onwards to Week 2

    Have a great weekend ! :-) xxx

  • Yes i don't mind it at all. Running by the sea is great so far but we shall see what it's like when we get a windy morning! Thanks Poppy, 2 rest days now then onto week 2. Have a great weekend too. :)

  • Well done bruv😊was wondering if you would venture out today or save it for tomorrow, ! Sounds like lots to see down Cowes today! See you soon, and keep it up! !!!😃

  • Cheers Ali, yeah lots going on down there today.I'll have to tell dad. He'll prob be interested in taking a look at the yachts x

  • You not working today? 😈xxx

  • maybe after lunch, rained off this morning x

  • Aha! So Aliboo is the sister you were talking about! :D Well done Paul for getting out there. I love running in the rain. Given the star cast on the route, you should have run it in full James Bond suit and bow tie. That's a truckload of royalty - I bet the King of Spain prefers the Isle of Wight to his last venue (Hollande and his gang of plebs at the Elysée). Whaddaya mean, weekend? ALREADY?

  • Yes Ali is my little sister. She's done really well with her running and has been bugging me for months to start . I'm sure any king would love the Island, after all Queen Victoria lived here for years. I did go to work in the end, so my weekend was indeed premature :)

  • Hello Paul! Your collection of yachts sounds fabulous ... Wouldn't mind seeing all that lot moored up.

    As for your running, like your lovely sister says, you're doing great, keep going!!! :-)

  • Hello BoPeep! Yes indeed a few million pounds worth down there. I may walk down tomorrow and see if i can get a photo. Thanks for the encouragement. Ali said everyone on the forum is really supportive and so it's been proved. Enjoying myself so far but i expect there may be a few hiccups when the distance gets further. Have a good weekend :)

  • I LOVE running in the rain. Last week I went out in torrential rain. It was brilliant!!! I loved it. The forecast said it would stop by the afternoon so I went out in it and didn't wait!!! How mad does that sound!!!! Your route sounds lovely.

  • Haha, that does sound mad Lou. I didnt go out in it intentionally but i may do from now on on your recommendation!

  • There's something very special about sea-side rain isn't there?

  • You run by the sea too Curly?

  • Sometimes, I don't live by the sea but I often pass through a place called Zarautz in northern Spain on my way to and from France. It seems to rain there all the time! Lovely soft drizzly rain.. I did some of the early weeks of C25K there and loved it. It's a big reminder of how far I've come, I remember struggling with 3 minutes there along the promenade about this time last year.....

  • Sounds great. So you have a place in France? I'm jealous! Yes running by the sea is great in the summer but iu'm not sure what it will be like when the winter winds arrive. I should be a stronger runner by then tho hopefully

  • Yes, I live in Cambridge, at least that's where I call home, I have a little place in Cordes-Sur-Ciel near Toulouse too. I travel between them by a circuitous route via Bilbao!

  • Oh, you may know Burwell then. I lived there for a while. Sounds fantastic. I went on the Pride of Bilbao once and had a few hours ashore there. I love to travel. So far i have clocked up 31 countries. Mongolia is next on my hit list :)

  • No I'm not familiar with Burwell, I live in the centre of Cambridge.

    Ah the Pride of Bilbao... wonderful ship! They went out of business unfortunately, we use another shipping line now, not half so much fun...I loved the "entertainment" on the Pride, I saw Eric Bristow playing darts in the terrible rough seas through the Bay of Biscay...

  • yes i really enjoyed it on there. I liked the swimming pool , jacuzzi and coffee bar right down in the bilges. So much to do on there, lots of entertainment and eateries. Was like a mini cruise! It's definitely the roughest sea ive ever been in tho. Exciting and terrifying at the same time!

  • well done.... and if you can its fun to take pics on your run as you get to discover all sorts... :)

  • Yes i need to get a decent phone with a camera . I'm a bit behind the times. I don't even have an mp3 to download the podcasts!. My son is going to give me his iphone4 when he gets his upgrade in a couple of weeks :)

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