I did Week 4 Run 2 this morning... It went well for the most part. I amazed myself after my first alarm went off at 4:30, i was up and ready to go at 4:45 for the second alarm (I'm one of those people that sets about 5 alarms to get me up in the mornings) I definitely got nauseated around the end of the last 3 min run and then into the 5 min run... but pushed through and was ok!

Are cordless headbuds/headphones worth the money?? I just have a cheap pair right now (they're hot pink, very bright!!)... but was looking into waterproof cordless ones... because it will inevitably rain at some point in the near future (October is a very dry month for us... but there seems to be a hurricane in the Gulf that might affect our state of Alabama a bit with lots of rain next week) So far I have been lucky on no rain!! I fear that "luck" will run out soon!! So any suggestions I would gladly accept!

On to Run 3!!! :)


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5 Replies

  • Well done! I’ve just done run 2 also!

  • Wonderful Job!! :)

  • Well done you!!! Make sure you take it really steadily and don't push too hard.. nausea is not a great thing!

  • I get nauseated especially up hill ... still struggling! Blimey - 4.45 am - can have whatever you're on to make you get up so early!! Well done there.

    On the headphones front my cheap-ish bright blue ones are still going strong despite being rained on and sweated on. I'm sure the fancy ones have their perks but my view is that until mine die I'll be alright. You might like to try the cordless ones though, I can see the value in not fidgeting with wires, and then if you're getting new ones they might as well be waterproof :)

  • That's my thought!! I have an amazon giftcard, so.. why not?! ;)

    As far as 4:45... I have to be at work by 7:30. So by the time I run, shower, dry and fix hair, get breakfast and lunch ready, etc... its time to be at work!! It's definitely an adjustment that i'm still trying to figure out!

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