Whoop whoop Half way through! Problem with the App tho!

Ventured out yesterday for W5R2..... OMG the first half of the 8min run went on & on & on.... Luckily my husband was also timing it & it seems there was a problem with the app.... It must have frozen, the first 8 mins was more like 12.5mins....... So all in all I did it ..... And more!!!! Next time I'm closing all other Apps & fingers crossed it behaves. Dreading run 3..... But will give it my best shot!

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  • I found run 3 pretty tough! Repeating it again today outside instead of on a treadmill....

    Hope the app works next time!

  • Good luck today!!! Hopefully it will be tons better outside xxx

  • I feel the app runs slow in all my runs :-)

    Good luck for the biggy

  • That made me chuckle!!!! Thank you xx

  • Well done on completing your second run of week 5. Just a little tip - wear a wristwatch and look at the time when you start running. It's a straight 20 minute run next time out so if the app goes wrong you can keep a check using your wristwatch. I learned this little trick when my MP3 player cut out a couple of times due to needing charging! Good luck with the third run of week 5 - you will do it fine. Best wishes.

  • Thank you xxxx I am really nervous about TWENTY mins lol but will take onboard your advice!!! I need a talking clock next to me lol

  • Good Luck for wk5 run3, don't be nervous, just take it steady and you'll be fine! Best wishes :)

  • You'll be fine Lisa, don't worry.

  • Just back from r3 *screams loudly* You can do it, it's not too bad. Actually ran for an extra couple of minutes at the end because I was passing a bin lorry and didn't want to get shouted at if I slowed down. Lol. Go for it Lisa xx

  • Wooohoooooooooo I DID IT!!!!!!!! I'm in complete shock.... But ran (I use that tern loosely) the last minute with the biggest grin!!! So so chuffed!!!!

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