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Hey Gladiators!

I ran a 5K this morning and it was hard. It never ceases to amaze me at how your body can decide to do what it wants to do, even when your brain is saying "Hey body! This is gonna be such an eeeeasy run. It's only 5 bloomin K. Piece of cake for someone of your prowess. And lycra wearing style!!"

Twas not to be. YET......I still managed a 28'25 time. I certainly didn't think it was worthy of such a decent time because I just felt soooooo heavy as I plonked along, taking TWO walk breaks. Again, here's the rub - your brain thinks ;

"That was crap that run", yet your body turns in a good performance, having previously told your brain "Whoooah brain! YOU might be thinking this is gonna be a breeze, but my legs feel heavy and my liver is still trying to get over all that bloody wine you flushed through it last night!!!!"

Oh, to get the two organs in sync with each other - which when it happens, is a beautiful thang. This was my last run of the week because I'm off back to BERLIN tomorrow, for four days. Maybe five. However, I AM taking my brooks with me as well as enough lycra to make even Lynford Christie blush, in case I get the chance to run by the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building, which could be an amazing experience. My work schedule is one where I am going to have to work NIGHTS for the duration of the stay - and I am DREADING this, because I have NEVER worked nights in my life - but it MAY leave me with the opportunity to go for a glorious run past some mega touristy sights during the time when I am awake and not feeling sh*t!!

To all newbies - well done for starting this great program. To all "almost" graduates - you're nearly there. Keep going! To all graduates - I love you all, cos you keep me going.

Until my next blogette.......your very own lycra fan


(oh! That rhymes?!)

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Ah Berlin! What a wonderful city. Working nights is no fun at all though, hope you don't feel too rubbish and manage to get a run or two in. Berlin needs more lycra!


hi superdan! have fun in Berlin if you can stay awake in the daytime! hope you get a run in,should be interesting! new place to show off your lycra superoutfits! never mind if you thought your run was rubbish ,anything under 30 mins is great to me! i did my 6th parkrun yesterday (missed yourprevious post til today) , think you will enjoy it! though 1.5 laps out of 2 i did start to wonder " is this running lark REALLY fun? feeling a bit flaky! " but told brain to shut up, pushed on and beat my previous pb by 1 min 40! Yay! still not under the magic 30 mins but 31.31! so am improving! and scarily while walking dog tonight round lanes and castle near my dads started thinking hhm... that would be a good running route, scary! doesn't sound like me but it must be!!!

have a good trip, hope the nights fly by! :)


Berlin sounds great! I love running in new places as it's a great way to see what's out and about plus you are running! Two of my favourite things being nosy and running


Hey Dan! I've never been to Berlin, so I'm counting on you to describe your visit, and any runs you manage....please think of me this week as I'll be completing WK9...everything crossed except the legs of course!!


Well I wish you the very best of luck graduating this week! Yeeeahhhh!!!


That bit about your body and brain not always matching up is so true... actually, that sounds pretty freaky, but you know what I mean.

Berlin is fab, I love it. Spent two weeks there a few years ago and am sure you will find lots of places to have a run. One word of warning, lots of folk bike on the pavements so worth keeping a watchful eye out when you are running. On our first day there we came across a park of what looked like mini allotments with folk staying in the sheds( I think it's like having a wee holiday home), we were wandering around being nosy then decided to leave via a wee path which led out onto the main pavement... and verynearly got flattened by a speeding bike. Really close call. Didn't put us off at all, but we did look out for bikes after that :)

Have a great time!


Have a good time in Berlin and put up a post when you get back about your adventures there. Best wishes.


aaah - you are so right about the body and the head. I know I can run - but my brain is just saying no go at the moment - so I am planning a little run on sat just 5k - surely i can do it??

Berlin looks amazing - an dapprently very flat - very good for PB's apparently. I have been checking out the half in March next year.

Have a great trip Day-z.:-)


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