W10R1....Isn't this just the way it always goes?

Apparently neither my body or my brain are impressed by my shiny green badge. So I did what any sensible runner would do...I bribed my body with promises of an ice pack and a cup of coffee when we got back, and told my brain to quit barking and go lay down somewhere.

I'm not gonna say this run was easy...my same "workin' up to the race" 5k route I've been running since W7 or so. Since I'd been up since 4 AM with stomach pains, I decided I may as well get going 'cause it was already 21° with 87% humidity.

My brain decided to tag along just so it could nag at me every ten yards or so about how it had "told me so", "you are going to HAVE to quit", "you'll NEVER make it to the top of that hill", "you're almost down to a WALK", "I'll bet your knees won't make it down that slope without BUCKLING"..and on, and on, and on. Forty minutes is a looooong time when your "running partner" is nagging the life out of you. Stooopid brain...last time I'm taking you along!

I wish I could have done this run as an "out of body" experience, too. Sore knees suck. And sore knees over 5k REALLY suck. I'll be really happy when my quad strengthening exercises start helping.

Coffee is cold....ice pack is warm. Brain is saying "SEE, I told you you could do it!"

Have a great day everyone!


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16 Replies

  • Mind over matter really really helps, positive thinking and all that (must be the shiny green badge). Well done for getting out there. It's amazing how you can run in that heat.(we have rain again today in the UK,( just for a change) so perfect for running ;)

  • O, gawd, Newyorker...I really feel for you guys with all that rain. I don't know how there is a dry running shoe in the country by now. And here we are, just the opposite. Predicted heat into the 30's again today, no rain. I wouldn't call what I did this morning "run"...more like the "Red Dwarf shuffle"...lol

  • How did my shoulder monkey make it over to you so fast?! I am on week 11 run 1 of my own journey through fear and negativity. When will yours be done? Mine finished on 29th September and I so dread that shoulder monkey and its oh so! attractive excuses

  • Mornings like this are when I'm glad I have an upcoming event to "whip" myself with. Otherwise I would have sat down and peeled a banana and shared it with your shoulder monkey (his name isn't Jack by any chance?)

  • How did you know?! I talked myself out of my running schedule very effectively last week, so much so that I have two long runs side by side this week. Jack has a lot to answer for.

  • What is it about the first post-grad run, I wonder? I had issues too: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

  • But you did it! Whooppp! :)

  • Well done for pushing on Grammadog. Hopefully your knees will be a little more forgiving and quit with the niggles sooner rather than later.

    Best of luck for the next post graduate run :)

  • Way to go Grammadog; now Grammadog's brain stop giving her such a hard time and go jump somewhere!!


  • Way to go! I'm a new graduate and hoping to push through and run in my first event next month. You've inspired me to go beyond the doubts and fears. Thanks!

  • HI Daisee, Wondered how you were getting on. Great that you have graduated. Hope your joints are ok.

  • I'm steadily pushing on and hoping my joints can handle 3 runs a week. Thanks!

  • I can only admire your ability to run in warm weather (oh how I wish we had some, but not for running in!) and humidity(yuk, cant bear it in any form!). I plod on in ok temps and flat conditions and thats hard enough. My praise goes out for anyone with weather and hills to contend with.

  • Great blog, thanks for sharing. :) Think I'll have to commit myself to that 5k run when I'm nearing the end, so my brain doesn't start going "yay, it's nearly over, we can get back to the couch now". ;)

  • Well done for doing it!

  • I have an inner self who tells me all the way through my runs that I can't do it. She is so negative and doesn't give me any credit until I complete my run and then she tries to take all the credit. I've tried sneaking out of the house without her but she's always one step ahead of me. I'm hoping when I graduate it will shut her up but I don't think so somehow! Well done on all your achievements and keep on blogging as I really enjoy them. xxx

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