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Week 4 Run 1

I have to admire I felt more than a few small reservations about WK4..... Running for 5 minutes twice seem completely out of the realms of possibilities, it's a long time, 5 minutes on the tube could get me to the next stop eeek

But I went this morning,m nothing if not doggedly determined

The first 5minute run came and went, very very slow but steady

The second one, about half way through my legs were burning, and jelly like, it was horrid but again I carried on slow ans steady and lo and behold

Week 4 Run 1 is complete

Absolutely proud of myself,

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Awesome stuff! well done!

Week 4 was the point I started to trust the program and believe in myself more to meet its challenges. If you have got this far you have shown real determination to keep going when you want nothing more than to stop and that is what weeks 4 and 5 have been about for me at least.


Well done Hils. Week 4!!! Where did the time go. Next thing you know is you'll be graduating.

Happy running


I'm doing my W4R1 tonight and similarly dreading the 5 minute runs! Can't imagine being able to complete it but knowing that others share my dread gives me confidence that maybe, just maybe..........

Well done! Keep at it - it's clearly working :-)


Keep calm and slow and steady, that's what I did, fear is a state of mind, not a fact. We are all in this together, and we art the same stage, I'm cheering for you, and I look forward to hearing about your accomplishments (and in reality evening getting out the door is HUGE, a month ago this whole thing would have been laughable)


Pride is a sin, they say............but not here. Well done! You are setting the foundations for the rest of the plan and that determination will be called upon again in coming weeks, but trust it because it is brilliantly structured and you will do it. Good luck.

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You are right to be proud , well done!

I remember that first 5 minute run.. I only managed 3.5 .. but managed the second .. and everything else after!

Keep up the good work :-)


I have my first week 4 run tomorrow; glad I read these posts. I wouldn't say I am confident, but certainly less daunted. Thanks Kermit81 and all the above :)


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