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Sun is Shining


Just had to say I had a glorious 10k run this morning on the Strawberry Line near us...I did Laura's Speed twice ( at beginning and at 7k)...It gives it some structure and is a great workout too. I took Berocca in my bottle which exploded every time I opened it!!! Its so wonderful having the sun on me as I run when its not too hot. at 8k I needed a boost, so I started yelling my mantra, 'Push that body, punish that body,' and pretended I was being hunted again! I managed it in 57 minutes which I'm happy about...

weekend plans:

Parkrun Sat mith my lad...he's been training for a new PB ( new Peterborough)

24k planned for sunday



Plenty of choccy choc

Trip to Peterborough

fun with kids :) :)

I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and a Happy Easter

Happy Panthering



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Sounds like a lovely run and a good weekend lined up. Ooh choccys too!. I like your idea of speed, I may try that with my next longer run. I managed 8k the other day, a first for me, and am hoping it will help with my Parkrun time tomorrow. Enjoy yours. And a Happy Easter to you and yours too. x

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to no-excuse

well done on the 8k..... I would recommend Speed, I use it for Parkrun too....and thankyou!


Your 10k run sounds great! Must be wonderful to reach the level where you can go on runs like that, with your exploding Berocca! Even nicer in the sunshine as well. And what a great weekend of running you have planned! Really hope the parkrun goes brilliantly for you and your lad! Have a really lovely Easter!

No Excuse: all the best of luck for your parkrun tomorrow too! These parkruns sound like fun; there's one near me on a Saturday. I think I'm going to go along once I've completed C25K.

no-excuseGraduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

Thanks Miles- and yes go for it, they are great. Wish I'd started sooner x

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Miles_Yonder

It does feel so good, although running is never 'easy' but thats part of the challenge to push through the barriers.... I would go along to a parkrun, just to suss it out they are just fab, and you can volunteer too....and thankyou!

agedsnailspaceGraduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

Don't wait til you have completed C25K, go along now - it doesn't matter if you can't run all the way, lots of people don't (and some parkruns have people who only walk). You won't be last (there's always a tail runner) and you will find the atmosphere really encouraging.

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to agedsnailspace

Hmmmmm, thank you for this. You've convinced me. I thought I'd need more running practice before doing a parkrun, but it sounds like I could be okay! I'll get on one as soon as I can.


You won't run a shocker,

With your exploding Berocca...


HAHAHA! The exploding bottle made me laugh! Well done jooj (my new nickname for you). I too ran a glorious 10K this morning surrounded by nature and it was lovely - although 4 mins slower than yours (you cow!). Enjoy your Easter break. I am off to Bath for an in laws bash this Sunday and that is my only engagement (thank God!).

PS. Do you really shout out loud when you run? I'd quite like to see that...!!

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to danzargo

sadly yes I do shout out, I swear alot too :) but its not as bad as when I sing...I can't help it if its all going well, running along and a great track comes on, I yell and pant at the same time, its probably quite scary to hear and see ;)

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