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The sun is shining and I’m feeling good!


W4R1 in the bag!

Believe it or not this was my first run with the sun shining! Yep three whole weeks of wet runs. Got to say, so much nicer in the sunshine. I do feel this week is a big jump from week 3 and my first 5 minute run was really tough, but as I got into my stride, it did get easier.

I’ve decided not to peek at week 5 in case it puts me off.

Happy day to you all. 😊😊

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Well done. I’m starting week 3 Monday and looking forward to it! Not sure I’ll manage thou 🙈🙈🙈🙈

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Keels_x

You reason why not.... just keep it steady and keep it slow:) x

Birdsong53Graduate in reply to Keels_x

Thanks Keel_x, I really enjoyed week 3, hope it goes well. X


Well done Birdsong. I start W4 tomorrow so hoping the sun continues to shine. I'm not expecting an easy run tomorrow with the increase but hope I can complete it. Good to hear of your success.

Birdsong53Graduate in reply to Lorijay

Thank you, you’ll be fine. X


Each run follows the one before... take it slow and steady and you will be fine. Yes, the weeks are different, but that is because each week teaches us new disciplines in our running... ignore scary posts and just trust the programme and have faith in yourself.

You are doing just fine:)

Well done on your first W4 run. I was tempted to do mine today but got to leave a days rest so tomorrow it is!

I know how you feel, I was in shorts and to shirt today for W4 R2 it was wonderful. After today I actually did have a peek at week 5, I think it will be okay.

Birdsong53Graduate in reply to Spoons42

Hi there, that gives me confidence. Just think, you’re already half way to graduation. 😊

Yes but I’m not peeking at W8 🙈🙉


No I don’t think you should. 😳😳

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