well, who'd a thought it! week 9, run 3 done!

Have just completed my last run of week 9 and put my request in for a lovely graduate badge! I can't believe I have done it, it doesn't seem like 2 minutes since I was trying to do 1 min running. The people on here have been so helpful and kind, giving me lots of tips and support. Although I am so elated I can't stop smiling, I have had a really bad cold for the last week, and am now coughing like a good un, I just couldn't stop!

My thoughts about the blog, the podcasts and the music will have to wait as I am about to go out to raise a glass, so to all those going through the podcasts, just believe me, if I can do it, so can you! The only person causing me grief has been myself, I decided a few weeks ago to stop worrying about whats coming next, and whether I would be able to complete the runs and just get on with it. I have done most of the runs on the treadmill, the weather here has been so awful, but would like to do more outside, so am going to work out a keep going plan and then attempt a parkrun. Thanks again to everyone, you have all been so kind, keep going!

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  • Congratulations! I am only on week 3, so love reading blogs where people have completed!

  • Yeay!!! Congratulations :) :)

  • Well done !

  • You have done it be proud of yourself.

  • Congratulations :-)

  • big congratulations. well done :)

  • Congratulations and celebrations! Fantastic news :)

  • Well done jennyn! Enjoy your graduate badge and look forward to hearing of your progress :)

  • Brilliant - many congratulations :-)

  • Well done! enjoy your glass, cheers :)

  • Very well done jennyn. great feeling eh! look forward to hearing how you get on. :-)

  • Well done from me too!

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