river run

river run

first runs of the week went out for 5k and end up doing 2 but was a loverly evening for it why do some runners just walk run past you as if your invisible i always put my hand up to say hello this really gets on my nerves manners cost nothing hm training again only six weeks this time im going for a 1.35 this time i reckon it within me just got to find it shaved 19 seconds off my 5k time tonight was so pleased i ran another very steady pace 24.05 the first burnt my lungs out no pain no gain and no oxygen next run wed s 10k then 13 k fri and a cheeky 14 mile s on sun hope all is well and keep running

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  • you are the bees knees Mr speedy :)

  • must have been that firework

  • You are fab :)

  • Amazing! I also do not understand why some people are so grumpy, I always beam and say hello, no matter how much pain I am in! Ah well, its always lovely when we find the ones who do shout hello! :)

  • I agree totally re the rude runners/ passers by! I seem to have been really lucky in this respect....most people smile / wave / say hi....of course it feels encouraging and in no small way motivates me to keep going.

  • Great run and so disciplined!! Some people can be very rude I ran past 3 lady runners the other day I smiled and waved - completely blanked!! Good luck with the rest of your training - not that you need it Forest Gump!! (hope that doesn't offend! ) massive respect ;)

  • Here in France no one will smile or say hello. I havebeen here for 20 years this month and I still find them a lot less friendly and helpful in the street.

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