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Week 5, run 3 done! Delighted!

Well I managed it! The dreaded 20 minute run of week 5! Avoided it all morning but finally got out there and I managed it! First 5 minutes were hard and when she told me I'd only done 5 minutes so far I thought I was never going to manage but I pushed on and finished without stopping woohoo!!

Reading posts on here and getting advice has really kept me going so thanks all! :-)

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Congratulations Purplesparkle8; it's a great feeling isn't it. When I did the 20 minute run I started believing I stood a chance of finishing the programme. Haven't quite got there yet. But I'm pretty hopeful I will. I do think week 5 run 3 is the biggest jump. But do read the posts on Week 6 and take Run 1 really slowly to start with. Masses of us have found Week 6 far worse than we expected.


Thanks both of you :-)

Azores I've read that about week 6, eek! I am prepared to struggle lol!

Kittykat I remember you're around same stage as me, are you doing run 3 soon? Good luck!


You can do it! Good luck!


Well done on completing weeks 5. You are already aware that week 6 is no walkover so just take it slow and steady so you don't get caught out by it. Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo. Having 2 rest days before getting started in week 6, have a bit of a break and prepare myself for week 6!


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