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Oh dear! W8R1 - Was I running on empty?

Having tackled a new and more demanding route so successfully on Friday morning, I set off full of confidence on the same route today. I have to say that even 10 mins in to my run, I was wondering if I should have taken 1 more day recovery! Anyway, with my new positive attitude I just pushed on, up the hill (which felt much harder) and in fact covered more ground in the 28mins than I thought I would. Yes, it was hard, but I felt as though I took it steady. However, when I stopped running I felt quite dizzy for about 4/5 mins and a little bit faint. This has never happened before, although I am someone who gets vertigo sometimes when I'm tired. It was warm this morning, it did feel harder and I also wonder if the running for longer distances before breakfast is such a good idea? I do love the early mornings and tend to just have a small drink and half a banana before setting off, but maybe I need to rethink? Any thoughts or advice? If it happens again I think I will pop to the doctors. Was feeling so upbeat but now feel quite disappointed.😒

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It could be lack of fuel, combined with it being warmer and you putting in more effort. Sounds like nothing more so I wouldn't worry unduly. That said, I'm no doctor obviously

I like porridge as running fuel, although two slices of wholemeal toast with jam is another fave. I let that go down for 60-90 minutes and then that will sustain me for 10k run. I recently ran a 10 k on empty (for the first time) and my legs stopped soon into the run and it was clear I'd just run out of energy. Annoying more than worrying I would have said

Don't be despondent. These things are all part of the learning process about us and our running, and what suits us and what doesn't. I like the challenges that these things throw up and how we go about tackling them. It's what makes us develop our running so we can get better at it

Chin up!

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Thank you for your comments, that really helps. As you said, have maybe learnt a little more about my running needs! I am a huge fan of porridge too and have it every day but usually after my run. Think I need to rethink the times I run so that I can make sure I eat properly before. Bring on W8R2! - I have come so far and gained so much from this program (and this forum) to doubt myself now!!


That's the spirit! Yeeeeha!


I am sensitive to low blood sugar and on the rare run can feel a little faint after a run. As Miss W said, it could be low fuel, high heat, pushing too hard. If you find you're prone to this and tinkering with breakfast doesn't help I would suggest caring a small bottle of diluted sports drink or some diluted juice. The sugars hit your system pretty fast and can perk you back up. And if you're feeling unwell sit down. I've fainted numerous times, don't ignore the symptoms when they crop up - you don't want to hit the pavement.


Thanks for that advice. Will eat a bit more before my next run and also have two days rest!


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