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"I plodded lonely as a cloud..." W8R1

"When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden BUTTERCUPS!"

Sorry Wordsworth, but the field at the bottom of the valley full of buttercups was just as magical as your daffodils. ;-)

Really didn't feel up to going out today... one too many G&Ts last night. Tossed and turned all night... Time to cut out the alcohol, at least while doing the 5x50 challenge!!!

Reading everyone's blogs made me feel ashamed of myself, :-) so I got my kit on and out the door, somewhat later than normal (I generally run first thing, work permitting).

I went really slowly and chose a different route... which turned out to be virtually all uphill. Not to worry, I thought, at least it means I'll get back to "civilisation" during my cool-down walk.

It was a mean hill and I'm sure that at times I was going slower than I can walk, almost speed walking rather than running. But I did it! Although as soon as Laura said the 28 minutes were up I started walking, no way was I going to do any extra mileage after that! :D

Now to track my km on 5x50.

By the way, if you don't know already, Malcy's set up a total count page for our team:

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Wow, a mean hill and you did it, in week 8! Go go go con-brio! (I love your name so much!)

I saw celandines on my walk today - not masses of them, but they have such sunny little faces - cute!


Malcy's link is brilliant! Even better than when I looked last night - total km recorded by the team so far is 1071!


Truly amazing... both Malcy's know-how and all out efforts!


Hills and 28 minutes get you. :-) Well done thats awesome, and who cares if you were doing little more than speed walking at times, you kept going. :-)

Good luck with run 2.


I won't be doing run 2 until Saturday, as I'm seeing an orthopedic guy about my ever so slightly wonky hip on Friday after work... gives you a chance to catch up! :-)

I'll just do some S&F and swimming for the 5x50 in the meantime.


Hope your appointment with your orthopaedic guy goes ok. I don't think I'll catchup by Saturday. Hahaha. I'll be doing run 3 on Friday, or Saturday. :-)


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