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Finally got my trail shoes


Not posted for a while as been struggling with an ankle injury. Have reverted to run/walk for now but planning on getting back to non-stop running in the next few weeks. Some of you may recall that I was having trouble finding some trail shoes for my small feet. Well I finally managed to get these in the sales and they feel like slippers. They didn't arrive in time for a muddy parkrun over New Year but am moving house in two weeks to somewhere with lots more trails nearby so I'm sure they will get christened soon! Happy New year to everyone on here and thank you for your continued support.

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Gorgeous ! Love 'em ! Lovely colours :-)

Happy Trail Running New Year ! XXX


Ohhhh, just love them


Love the colours!! I too am struggling to find a pair but mainly because I have very wide feet, fingers crossed I find some soon.

Happy running in yours! ☺


Ooh lovely! Good luck with the move, perhaps not much running for a few more weeks (although don't forget just a little run can be great for stress!) but what a great bunch of carrots for getting out and exploring soon.


Cor! Look at them! I'd find some trails just so I could wear them!


Hiya! I hope you get back to running soon without any ankle problems. Love, love, love the shoes- I think I would be wearing them indoors until the time comes! x ;-)

ndgouldGraduate in reply to no-excuse

I tried wearing them round the house but they kept sticking to the carpet! Good job we're moving out! Hopefully I can make some training sessions soon so may actually see you!


Are they cascadias? I love mine! Had em yonks ☺ they seem to shed muck nicely. I just let them dry and they seem to look clean once they're dry

I have been using them for walking the dog too, while the weather has been vile

ndgouldGraduate in reply to misswobble

Yes they are cascadias, I nearly wore them today to take the kids to the park but want to save them for a run first. Glad to hear good reviews on them. Thanks.

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