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My goal is to scamper around the woods in mud!

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I was daydreaming about running and thinking about the varied reasons why we're all doing this. Healthy toned body and weight control is certainly high up there for me. But last winter my workout several times a week was to stomp up the hill through the woods as fast as I could. I deliberately took the muddy hard route and the worse the weather the more I'd love it. A few times I had a little scamper along the flatter paths and although running only lasted seconds I felt free and happy and wanted to shed the rucksack and carry on. I think my overall goal for running is this. Up the muddy path through the trees, out over the field to the hill that overlooks the town, along the ridge looking out over the moors and then back and around the gorgeous woods. No park runs or races for me I think, just outdoors and nature and weather. Is this just me or is anyone else in it for these kinds of reasons?

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Yeah with you on this one, love running round the woods, just me and my collie dog, even better if its raining. I have promised my son I will do a couple of runs to raise money for the charity that supports the blood disorder he has but I will definitely be outside my comfort zone. Give me peace and mud anyday, I have always walked miles but in interest of my health and to tone up and loose some weight I decided to start thing I ever did, think ive got the bug!!! Happy muddy running😀

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Pagy in reply to Ab36

No woods or mud near me just the beautiful coast and the fresh breeze off the sea to run to

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happysoulsGraduate in reply to Pagy

I could live with that :-)

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I’m in it for fitness, some toning and the ability to drink ale and not worry about it! That run you describe sounds pretty much perfect to me, and I have the landscape all around me... that will become my staple running. I’ll do parkrun when it fits my plan, and I will do a marathon, but that won’t ever be my regular running.

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happysoulsGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Totally agree with the drinking! haha!

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Not just you, welcome to the club. I seem to have got a wee bit less fond of being up to my knees in bog over the last year or two after one too many tedious episodes of digging about for a lost shoe, but yes, it is about where it can take me. Not long back from a little woodland circuit, half wishing I'd stopped to pick blackberries.

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JelonGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

I was thinking the same (re blackberries) on my run last pm but they were a bit too low to the ground!!

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happysoulsGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

I think the bogs I'll save for the mad winter walks...for now at least :-)

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I too love running in the woods and frequently get lost - any tips on finding your way around gratefully received!!

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Jelon

I quite like getting lost... (of course that rather depends on the size of the wood and the time of day)... I call it 'exploring'

Orienteering maps are great if you can access them.

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

I’ve been on my trail, merrily minding my own business, when it’s dropped dark 😁😁😁 ooooooh 🦇 🦉

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to misswobble

Google makes me a bit braver. Dunno why as she's a wuss and has been known to look at me as if to say it is a bit too dark just walking by the river in town.

My brother goes out over the moors at night (with a head torch and in company)

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

I once started out for a run with Jack Russell at 4. 30 pm on a winter’s afternoon and we had got to a footpath well into the woods when it got dark. It was in the grounds of a stately pile,and stories of ghostly going’s-on got me thinking and straining my ears more than usual 😁. However, with that vicious little git by my side I pitied anyone real or spectral who tried anything 😁. Oooooeeee he was a terror 😬🐶

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I was scampering through the woods by the side of the lake yesterday, using fast feet to nip over the tree roots Dodging brambles and nettles 😃. It’s great to have complete freedom to scramble about, up and over stiles, etc. In winter there are challenges, not least,,cold,wet,feet 😬😁

Trail and fell racing is really popular. I’ve done three short local fell races and they are a hoot! Never say never 💪👍😃

I do my marathon training on the tricky trail as I call it. I put on Freebird, and think, “yup, that’s me” 🙂🏃‍♀️

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I ran today in a field and it threw it down with rain. Couple playing fetch with their dog hid under the trees and watched me run round. Must have thought I was mad. Felt like one of those movies where they make prisoners run around the muddy prison yard 😂 Gotta love the mud 👍

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happysoulsGraduate in reply to FYorkshireman

I have just got back from my first every rainy run! Through the whole 9 weeks I've been doing this the sun has been beating down! Every time the forecast has shown rain and I think today's the day...nope sun! haha! Really nice!

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It’s very refreshing 👍

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Me!!! I started off week 1 in the woods to hide 😂 but it didn't take long before I was running around the woods. Then it was to see if I could run home as well. Then I thought I'd have a go around the reservoirs which I loved too. My new aim is to run around the woods down to the reservoirs around them and run home. It pushed me to keep running when Sarah told me to stop I loved the feeling of freedom and kept going a little further each time until I was running the extra 5 mins at the end and eventually more. I'm not keen on road running though. I did my 1st full road run on Sunday to see if I could more than anything. I did it but I didn't get the usual buzz despite running the furthest I've run to date.

I've not run with anyone else other than my daughter a couple of times and am not sure if races/park runs are for me although a friend invited me the other day to go to our nearest park run. Ah well I enjoy trying new things so might give it a go and see.

Keep at what you enjoy 😊

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happysoulsGraduate in reply to Sask81

I would hide in the woods too, but they're too hilly for now haha! Lovely flat converted railway lines are where I go, not too many people around. I'll start to branch out when I've graduated next week! :-) Lots of lovely reservoirs around here where we go walking often and are going to cycle round soon. I love being outdoors! Happy running!

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