Couch to 5K

Week 2 , Run 1

I'm edging my way to the Big 40 and have started to seriously think about being a lot fitter than I have been in my 30s. I've tried bike riding and can do 15 miles easily but I just don't get excited about going out for a ride, so I thought I'd try running out. I absolutely love it, the total sense of freedom it gives you is heaven

I managed to complete week 1 this morning but for some reason my legs, especially my right one tends to go stiff during the running sections. Am I doing anything wrong, when on bike rides my legs are fine. Will carry on with week 2 on Tuesday and hope my issues are just down to being a newbie

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I think you are right to cycle as well as folks say it helps with running. I think new runners get all sorts of aches and pains which seem to subside as you get into the routine of running every other day. When my legs feel stiff during a run I do a series of four or five butt kicks in rapid succession which is supposed to help blood flow to the lower legs and help you to get going again. I read about it on the C25k pages. It was probably one of Laura's suggestions

If you feel particularly achey you could have another rest day


I haven't tried butt kicks but I will keep that in mind for the future and add it into my warm up. I will go for anything that helps my 47 year old self.

In my first few weeks I wondered whether I would be able to continue on with the plan as my knees were so stiff and painful! I was determined to keep at it though so looked at ways to overcome it and the main recommendation was to religiously stretch afterwards. I am delighted to tell you that it worked! I also used a knee support and if necessary took an extra days rest when they (but mainly my right knee, old injury) were feeling weak, achey and oh so very tender.

I am in week 6 now and never felt better and my stiffness and aches and pains have gone. I think the stiffness, soreness etc is common amongst new runners.


Thanks for the reply guys, no matter what I am determind to see it through till the end. I will take all your advice and give it ago this week with my training.

I do try to vary the exercise I do on my rest days, from biking to just plain old walking. I've finally realised that I can actually fit in an hours exercise after a 12hr shift rather than just slumping in front of the TV.

Onwards n upwards is my new motto :-)


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