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3RD Run of the week over!!!!!!

Wow just completed my first week and can't believe i have actually run for 24 mins this week and done 1.5 hours of excercise !!!!! I feel great. Found the 3rd run easier than the 2nd am getting into the 60 second runs better but my breathing is all over the place ???? can't seem to get a smooth flow. I haven't run for about 40 years so I suppose you cannot expect it all at once. Any tips please ?? best regards

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Well done on completing your first week. I have no advice because Im at exactly the same place as you, just wanted to say well don :)


Many thanks and well done to you too!!!! I've really enjoyed my first week and really did not think I would!!!! Am looking forward to next week let me know how you get on best regards


Yes! I've got loooooads of tips! But really - you'll work them all out yourself because all you have to do is trust the program. Your aches and pains will eventually disappear around Week 4. Your breathing will take a bit of time because your body is saying to you - "Hang on Josie-Jo! What's all this? What the hell are you doing to me?" - to which you say - "Listen up body! Get used to it. You and me are going on a journey and there aint NUTHIN' you can do about it!"

This program works. I was like you. Hadn't run for 40+ years a year ago and started C25K. 60 secs was a nightmare for me. This morning I ran my first 10K in just over 60 minutes. So you will do it, but take your time and trust the program. Its very very clever.....


Thank you for the info !!!!! I feel encouraged and good!!! My body I'd speaking to exactly as you describe but haven't spoken back yet!!!

Glad to hear you were once like me that makes me feel so much better and am looking forward to the next run will try Saturday . I will not be beaten by this body !!! Thank you best regards jo


Well done on finishing week 1. Good luck with week 2. I wouldn't worry too much about the breathing - just do what comes naturally as it will sort itself out before long. Best wishes.


I asked the same question :) People spoke of doing a count of 3 in and 4 out which I did try but then I was all hufle puffle again. My breathing just seemed to regulate itself as time went on. I made a conscious effort to breathe in deeply and blow out and it sort of just happened!

When I started this I wondered if I would ever come to like it - I love it now!

Trust the plan and happy running x


Thank you for this it is very encouraging!!!!! I was starting to get a bit worried but then I think well having not run for 40 years I can't have it all at once,!!! Many thanks and best regards Jo


I sometimes struggle with my breathing when I'm running too. I was told that the reason I do it is that in essence, I am panicking. Without entirely realising it, I'm thinking that I can't run any further or breathe properly and then begin to sort of gasp for air, and basically, panic!

I was advised to take deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. I just tell myself that ultimately I'm not going to stop breathing (lol!), so keep running and like someone else has mentioned, it eventually sorts itself out!

Hope that makes some kind of sense!

Congrats for your progress so far and good luck with your future runs!


Thank you for this I can completely understand as this is how I feel !!!!! I feel like the more I think about it the worse it gets!!!! However, I am glad to hear that eventually it will sort out as sometimes I think I might suffocate!!!

Thank you for your encouragement and support

Best regards



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