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Week nine run two - the horror!

Ugh. Second run of week nine, again on the treadmill, and it was HORRIBLE. It seemed to take forever, there was no nice cool breeze, it was really boring... and if I have to listen to that 'You and Julie' song one more time I will tear my ears off.

Anyway. It was slow and not much fun, but it's done. I can't wait to get home from this work trip and get back running outside. If I manage it, Friday will be it, week nine, run 3 - my graduation run!

Can't wait.

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trust me - there was no breeze when I was outside last night either & was still showing up at 19degrees at 10:30 so pretty stuffy for running in too.

and please don't rip your ears off or you wont be able to hear that fairly good reggae track at the end. Plus Julie wasn't worth it she sounds like a right missery guts.

Good luck for Friday - enjoy graduation

Happy Running


haha, memories of you and Julie. .. not good!


OMG ... Hated that song too, and had almost forgotten it until I used a W9 run track the other day as my MP3 player was flat! Have no fears, once back home and outside again, all will be great for your grad run ... What will you play .... The Halleluia Chorus, Bat out of Hell, We are the Champions? Enjoy it and have fun - looking forward to your grad blog :D


Lol I was just warning my friend who's on week 4 about that darn song... Found myself singing it in the car yesterday... Annoying ! Just read your about me.... Your very lucky, I absolutely adore san Fran bridge it looks stunning on a sunny day with the fog. Its on my to.. Do.. List. Good luck for Friday, enjoy it :-) x


Week 9 on a treadmill must be hell. Really much better ouTside. You and Julie- hm - well at least he tells his besotted friend to get lost - and there is the reggae track at the.end which always got me through the last 5 minutes. Just think - one more listen one more run and you're there!, Graduated! And you can run to music you enjoy.


Thanks everyone. Really appreciate it and perhaps I won't tear my ears off just yet! I will have to think about what my graduation song will be... The Halleluia Chorus does seem appropriate as it still seems like a miracle to me that I've made it this far.

I'm also a fan of that reggae song, there are definitely some gems in there among the ones that are... erm, less to my taste :-)


Heehee, I am so glad i am not the only one who hated "You and Julie" song!!! I have graduated last year and have the song stuck in my head somewhere. It is like the after buzz of the Big bang....You and Julie...cause I hear dit all before...Aaaargh..it is all coming back to me again!!! I need therapy...on NHS:-). The 5+k songs are better. Great incentive to graduate! Good luck!!!!


That IS an incentive, looking forward to it! Thank you :-)


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