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I ran 5k at the weekend :)


Thank you everyone so much for your support in the last month. Some of you may remember that I had to stop running at the beginning of March after I injured my ankle. I'd just finished W8 and was gutted to have to stop. In the end I needed a good three weeks of rest and a new pair of shoes.

I'd booked a 5k run for the BHF to celebrate my graudation and it was looking like I would have to miss that too.

I did a short-ish run to try the new shoes out, and when I found I was pain-free, worked my way back with a 20 minute run followed by a 25 minute. Did those with no pain and no problems so I decided to go for it on Sunday.

It wasn't easy, I have to be honest, as it was a warm day and I really missed having my music on (though it was nice to be able to talk to people during the run) but I did 5.2k in 33 minutes. Really chuffed with myself!

Hoping to be able to graduate now within the next week. Thank you to the C25K and to all of you lovely people on here for your words of encouragment.

Anyone wondering whether expensive running shoes are worth it, I can only say that for me they are worth every penny. Hopefully they will last me a good long time so the cost per run will be pennies. And the chap in the running shop was lovely, very helpful and encouraging.

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Many congratulations on your race and wonderful time. You did very well coming back as strongly as you did too. I agree with the shoes, its not too important in the first few weeks but I think once you are running for longer times and distances its money well spent. Good luck for your graduation and don't be a stranger once you have completed C25K, your experiences will always help new comers. Well done :)


fantastic. well done! you wont have any problem graduating. It's strange running without music isnt it, but sometimes nicer, especially on a nice day.


Good for you! And great inspiration for those of us just starting.


Thank you, you are all so lovely! Will be sticking around and hopefully passing on encouragement to those just starting out. This course has been so much fun - hard sometimes, definitely, but an amazing life-changer without a doubt.


Well done you, the graduation badge will be by your name before you know it :-)


Well done and congratulations on your wonderful achievement in the race. Good luck for your graduation runs - enjoy them. Best wishes.

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