Couch to 5K

After 13 days rest, I eventually ran today!

Well who knew I would come to love running so much that when I couldn't actually run, I would turn into a stampy foot petulant child?!

Yep, I surprised myself but that's what happened!

I decided after my shin splint flared up AGAIN by only attempting to improve my pace, that I really should rest it for a decent length of time, and not just a few days. But I absolutely hated not being able to get out, hated not being able to take part in my parkrun, and my bottom lip would stick right out every time I past a runner whilst out in the car! But needs must and all that!

I cheered myself up however by going for a gait analysis and after some fab advice from the guy in Up and Running, I came home with a new pair of snazzy New Balance running shoes, which I am in love with!

So today was the THE day I'd been waiting 13 whole days for! (I was actually trying to rest for 2 full weeks but we're going away for the day tomorrow and wouldn't have had a chance to run at all, so had to bring the day forward!)

I decided to half my distance, more to keep it easy on my shin, but also to wear my new shoes in slowly, so I ran 1.5 miles at what I thought was a slow pace but actually was quite fast for me, I guess I was just so happy to be out! And my shoes are AMAZING!! I could feel the difference immediately, so much more cushioned than my old shoes.

I was disappointed in myself I bit though, as I felt I was running out of breath a bit more than usual. I was hoping I wouldn't have lost much fitness but I did struggle with the 1.5 miles :-( Maybe this was because my pace was a bit faster than usual?! But good news, my legs feel fine! Which is the important thing.

I'm going to do the same on Wed or Thurs, then try 5k at the weekend. Hopefully I've got enough puff in me to do it!

Hope everyone is well and happy running!

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Great to hear you are back, fit and running again.

It's amazing what a difference a decent pair of shoes makes, isn't it?


Thank you!

Totally!! I really wish I'd got some sooner!


It's so good to hear that you're up and running again J. You will soon be up to speed on your pace and distance with sparks flying off those new shoes. Happy running!!!


Thanks Mazzero!

Not sure about sparks but I'll try my best! ;-)


Hi J, glad you are back to running- that enforced rest must have been surprise you felt like throwing a few tanties!

Hope that's the end to the problems now you've got the spanking new shoes ! ......ooh,can't you just picture the tags this would get if it were a post ;)


Thank you Carolecal!!

Well I've been walking around a theme park all day and no twinges in my shin so fingers crossed the trainers have helped!

Hehe I'm chuckling at the thought of the tags!! I'd love to copy and paste this into a new post just to see what comes up!


Great news, I really must get gait analysis done myself sometime it sounds like it's made a huge difference to you. Enjoy easing those new shoes in!


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