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W4R1 done - need new trainers


Got out yesterday morning and was really pleased with myself for doing both 5 minutes stints of running. Then spent the rest of the day feeling ill (not running related).

Have come to the realisation that I need new running shoes though. Been feeling the odd twinge in my arch when I run but its usually gone away before I get home. Yesterday i was aware of it throughout the day though. I've been wearing some running shoes I got 11 years ago during a stint of running that only lasted a few months. They seemed ok and I was going to treat myself to some new ones when I felt like I'd achieved more but don't want to risk an injury that stops me achieving anything at all!

So off to the running shop on Wednesday & am going to have to hold off doing run 2 until after that.

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Well done on getting to Week 4. I think you are wise to look for new running shoes but don't forget to have gait analysis before buying. Good luck with the rest of the programme. Best wishes.

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