The weather was incredibly warm in London today which meant I could go out in just my T shirt (Well, obviously I had my running leggings, trainers, compression shorts and shin compression guards on too...). This however left me with a problem - how to carry my iPhone? I usually put it into my zipped pocket of my long sleeved top, but because I wasn't wearing that today I was a bit stumped. My running leggings back pocket is only just big enough to hold my bloomin' door key, so that wasn't gonna be much help. I stuck it down the front of my shorts. Nope, that wasn't gonna work either, despite the tight elasticated waist. Top of my sock? No flippin' way! So I made the decision to leave the damned thing at home today, which made Mrs Dan gasp in amazement! "You're actually leaving the house WITHOUT your phone Dan? I can't believe it!". It's true that I never even leave it in a room I'm not in, let alone not take it with me outside! But today I was gonna give it a go - which meant NO STATS! Who cares about how far I run? Who cares about how long it took me? Who cares how fast I run each K? I was going for leaving the phone on the stairs - and be damned!!!

Setting off on my run, I immediately felt strange. I felt oddly sad that my stats wouldn't be available to me when I got home. There's something about keeping track of how you do which I find useful - mentally at least. I'm an incredibly organised sort of person and like things like stats, so to go "commando" (as it were!) without my phone was a tough call.

I'd already done my hip and glute exercises before I left the house, so I'd "woken" up those muscles which would help me motor on through. I did about 6.5K I think - took a slight detour off my normal route which I guesstimated to be about half a K less than the usual. At around 5K though I was forced to stop for a walk. I felt awful for about 30 seconds. Dunno what it was, but whatever it was my whole body yelled at me "STOP!". Of course I obeyed and walked for about 2 minutes, wondering what the hell was going on? I started again and felt fine, but at around 6K had to stop for another walk break. This wasn't the most brilliant of runs, but I don't care about that - because at least I was out in the glorious sunshine, breathing in the air and cursing people who got in my way (under my breath of course)!! Started running again and decided to give up about 300m from my "finishing" lamp post. I was knackered and just couldn't do it.

Got home and announced my "rubbish run" to Mrs Dan who said "At least you did it!". Wise words. A few hours later I started to look online at Garmins and Timex Iron Man watches and wondered if I should splash out. I find it hard to know whether I should invest in one, when I have my phone with it's free Endomondo app which does everything I need it to do. After dilly dallying for an hour, I decided to spend £2 on a Sports Direct belt, big enough to hold my iPhone! Get iiiiin!

This running lark is great isn't it? Even if you have a crap run - it's still a great run! And the next bad run I have, I'm gonna have the stats to salivate over. Lovely!

Happy running one and all.


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12 Replies

  • Sounds like you had fun Superdan! it was lovely weather today, i've just been walking the dog down the beach, was almost like summer. I don't have a very up to date phone but love my little garmin forerunner 10, like you its lovely to see how you are progressing, and i've done a spreadsheet so i can see how it varies, i'm happy to say that its creeping upwards! Have a happy running week.......... :)

  • Dan Superman without a cape, Dan the comic who entertains us and now Dan Sensible Man, good choice Dan its so easy to turn your back on something that's not broken like your trusty phone for a new gizmo, I do it all the time :) A bum bag for your phone means you have all your stats and also a means of contacting someone if you need to. Good call and good run.

  • I can't imagine going out without my phone. Yesterday I did W8R1 and returned home feeling a bit down because I'd found it really hard, partly because I had too many layers on for the warmer weather). However, when I checked my stats on Map My Run, I'd clocked my best ever average mile per hour time and run a lot further than I thought so dejection turned to elation! I love stats and had also thought about some fancy Garmin thing for when it's warmer weather and have no pockets in my running gear but have settled on a Smart phone arm band from Decathlon!

  • a runs a run mr d ive have a garmin but i miss having the phone ,with the watch im always checking for too fast or too slow or is it time to stop yet but i get home turn pc on log in facebook to get map my run and garmin to upload everything i remember just going running and thats it great story keep running

  • Maybe I am just a simpleton but I carry my iPhone in my hand Dan. Wire goes up inside the arm of my top, out through the button hole (that pinches it a bit and stops it sliding back down my arm) and in my ears. Simples.

  • Too late perhaps for this bargain alert as you've just got the running belt, but I just bought a neoprene 'Arm Pocket - Smartphone Compatible' by a manufacturer called Hilly Clothing in the Clapham Junction TK Maxx for all of £7.99. There were quite a few there on Friday so if you are passing through on the way to Waterloo it's worth hopping off the train. It was in the ladies' section downstairs among the pink yoga mats etc but it's most definitely suitable for chaps, being black with navy blue detailing (I am female but don't necessarily like all things pink). Very secure and unobtrusive. I find running belts a bit uncomfortable, especially in warm weather.

  • Great post as usual Dan. Is your phone to you as kryptonite is to Superman? It's good you turned what you thought was a bad run into a good one with some retail therapy. :-)

  • I always carry my phone even though I have a Garmin, along with my emergency fiver, I'm very risk averse - had a nasty injury last year and so don't want to be stranded.

  • Well, i am off to check TK Maxx when i go shopping in town this week. We didnt have such warm weather in Glasgow this weekend, but it could well happen and i need to be prepared! I hope i score some bluetooth headphones at Aldi this Thursday, those look pretty sweet.

  • My daughter reckons I burn more calories packing all my stuff than by running! By the time I've got phone, ear plugs, tissues, plasters, £20 note, water bottle, sweets, and my super Garmin birthday pressie at least half an hour has passed. But I couldn't do without my bum bag, turned around to the front where it just sort of nestles quite comfortably. No wonder I'm no speed machine! Now, where did I put my brolly......... x

  • I like an arm band for my phone because quite frankly my bum is big enough without adding to its profile :D but obviously you don't have that problem SuperDan! Enjoy your stats next time out, and remember there's no such thing as a crap run because at least you were out there running!

  • Have you thought about a running backpack? It doubles up as storage for keys, water and a small jacket. I also have a mini first aid kit in mine.

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