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w8r3 - shorts and roads

I am still finding these long runs really hard but I am gradually getting to grips with them. Today I did a really different route all along roads and tried out wearing shorts for the first time, quite long dorky shorts. I feel a bit stupid jogging on the spot at traffic lights but only really had to do that twice, the first set I got to was after a hill and I slowed to a stop - not good, after that I made myself jog up and down and it wasn't so bad after I got over the looking silly factor, I look silly enough running anyway.

The road route was very busy, far more chance of running into someone I know and my shorts kept riding up which was a bit distracting but overall it was really good to try out a different hill profile and running markers I am unfamiliar with. I made the rourte too short so I ended up having to run round in circles a bit when I neared home which was a bit hard mentally - when you're near home it feels like you should be near the end.

Overall - getting easier, I am gonna stick to leggings for a while though - just safer.

One week to go!

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Well done,... like you I get distracted if I wear anything that doesnt stay in place (if you know what I mean!) and yes you do feel a little silly having to run on the spot dont you - but its a nice feeling in a way that you dont feel the need to have to stop and start walking!


I know what you mean about feeling stupid running on the spot, I pretty much try to avoid it at all costs. I hate when it's at a busy crossroad full of cars and it feels like everyone is looking at you!

I'm graduating next week too, good luck...we can do it! :D


Wk8r3 was when I had to ditch the joggers and move to capri-length tights and I felt really self-conscious too, but just for the first run.

I don't mind people seeing me running at all but what gets me is that friends always seem to drive past and wave either just before or just after I've done the running part - although at least afterwards it's pretty obvious I've been doing something strenuous and not just posing about in running kit!


well done beth.. almost there now :) its funny how we think people are looking and judging us eh.. i still dont have any proper running gear (apart from my trainers) i run in track bottoms and hoodie normally, and sometimes its way too much.. not confident enough as yet to wear those tight running clothes as far to many wobbly bits!! some day.. hopefully :)


well done, even with the clothing distraction.

also very conscious about having my backside on show so have 3/4 leggings with a skirt bit on them. much better :)

good luck with the rest of the plan. nearly there :)


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