Couch to 5K

Week 1 completed - 4 weeks later than planned!

It was such a relief to finally complete week 1 this morning. I started the programme in February and after only 2 runs managed to b***r my knee. (I don't think my knee liked being asked to shift 4 stone of excess weight at a speed greater than my usual snail like pace!) Found a lovely physio who was really supportive of my wish to become a runner at the age of 55. It was so frustrating having to wait until my ligament had fully healed but I've learnt my lesson - go at my body's pace. I'm having 2 days rest between runs and that seems to work for me.

I've been following all the forum posts with a mixture of envy and admiration. You're an inspiring bunch! I look forward to the day when I eventually have the proud badge of 'graduate' after my name........It may take me longer than many on here but I'll get there!

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So sorry you got injured. Take it easy.


It took me 7 months to get there, but I did it, and you will too! I probably had about the same excess weight to start with. The feeling you get when you finally graduate is amazing. I have run 3-4 times a week without fail since then, one of which is the parkrun, and I'm still improving. Enjoy the journey, and let us have the progress updates.


Don't worry, i did week 1 twice, and i think i needed to. I started at 57 in the February, and in June ran Race for Life without any difficulty (other than it being the hottest day ever....) So, take it at your own pace, and you will get there, and the buzz you feel is fantastic.

Happy running!


What an achievement - starting again after a set back - I think I would have given up totally - sitting here thinking about run no.2 wk1 after a Saturday night on the tiles - will I do it? I don't know!!


You're doing well to get back out there after such a setback. I frequently repeat runs or weeks so doesn't matter how long you take to graduate - the certainty is that, at some stage, you WILL graduate. Good luck with getting out there again and very best wishes.


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