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Back on the road!

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I ran this morning for the first time for 6 whole weeks. It hasn't been a good time. First I had a horrible

virus I just couldn't throw off despite taking every natural and unnatural remedy in the book. Thn, just as I was beginning to feel better my new four week old grandson took ill and by the time we got him to hospital (an hour's drive)was in hypovolaemic shock with a pulse rate of 212 bpm. It took them two hours to stabilise him and another four days on IV fluids to get him well enough for to come home. Little time for running in that scenario... Finally today I dragged myself out and did Week one Run One all over again. I thought I would have lost all my fitness but didn't find it too hard to may step up to week 2 the day after tomorrow. Not a good time, but it felt sp good to strap on my shoes again!

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You've had a lot on your plate for some time and, it goes without saying, a great deal of worry. Run when you can but don't feel guilty if things get in the way a bit - you will want to be there for your family at the moment. When you can fit a run in, use the time for yourself - you need to be kind to yourself at the moment. I hope your grandchild makes a full recovery very soon. With very best wishes.

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Thank you so much Fitmo. Oscar is home and making up for lost time with three hourly feeding! I have delayed my return by ten days so I can be sure everything is looking good before I abandon them.

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I am so glad Oscar is well again. I can't imagine the worry it must have been for all of you. Nice to see you back and keep us up to date with how ypthe running goes and Oscar!

I have my 13month grandson Daniel staying overnight - which is why I am on HU at this time of the morning! We have such good fun though :)

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turnturtleGraduate in reply to lizziebeth57

Thank you Lizzie. We had a wonderful barbecue in the sun with friends today and we are all cruising along on a wave of happiness. There's nothing like a near disaster to make you appreciate how lucky you are... Can't wait for run 2 tomorrow.

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So glad Oscars getting well again, just enjoy your family. You will soon get

back into running when you are home .Barry and I started back at week one after his radiotherapy finished, he's very tired but he's ok, he doesn't find it too bad after ten weeks of no running. Pat :-)

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turnturtleGraduate in reply to Pat184

So pleased you are both back running Pat. It is such great therapy for all our llls ;-)

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You've had such a tough time, it's lovely to hear you are back out there again. Health and family are everything. So good that you can stay on for a bit.

Just relax and enjoy picking up your running again.

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turnturtleGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks. It's pretty easy to relax in this lovely country. And I'll be coming home to spring. My favourite time of the year.

It's good to see you back. You'll be moving through the weeks in no time.

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turnturtleGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

Thank you. I'm pretty daunted when I think about the 10K I've signed up for in July but I WILL get there!

Glad to hear your grandson is recovering , enjoy your running & you will soon be back into it .

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turnturtleGraduate in reply to Rockette

I know. The first run was the hardest-I kept putting it off. Now I can't wait until tomorrow :-)

Hi Turnturtle, I've just started back at week 1 after an 8 week break for an op. You'll be in good company!

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Yep me too had a break end of jan/feb due to illness and the awful weather meaning strong winds. I'm now back and started the 5x50 challenge today. I agree great to put the running shoes back on

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Did run Wk 1 Run2 this morning and so far so good, though my thighs hurt for some strange reason.Never did before....

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