How accurate do you find mapmyrun?

Due to a problem with the timings on the app for w8r1 I ended up relying on mapmyrun for timings. I started it about a minute before I started running after the warm up walk and ran until it said 32 minutes but it claimed this was at 6k! From what I have read people seem to struggle getting the 5k in under 30 mins and I really don't run very fast! Assuming mapmyrun was rather over generous! Any other experiences of this?


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  • All smartphone apps are only as reliable as the device they run on I'm afraid. My mates iPhone made a right hash of a run the 2 of us did a couple of weeks ago.

  • Not very... Its worse in built up areas i think - like where I run - because its harder to "see" the satellites. A recent run in the coutryside was much more accurate.

    I use something like gmap pedometer to map more accurately and then update MMR with overall distance. Although it doesnt help tthe splits...

  • I found MapmyRun very inaccurate, especially after it insisted I had run straight through the middle of the boating lake in my local park. I now use Endomondo and much prefer it.

  • I have used MapmyRun from the start, and found it absolutely bang on, so far as I can tell! How odd!

  • I used to use map my run but have switch to endomondo. It seemed my distance was a bit further using mapmyrun but endomondo has a bit more to it. At least it did until my professional demo finished which was literally 5 minutes after my graduation run.

  • I love the data you get from MapMyRun but got fed up. Of the same route being varying distances! My husband got me a nikeplus watch for Christmas which I think is pretty accurate. Now I run with both just to see & get my pb's from the watch & a general idea of how I've done from MMR. Keeps me happy!!

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