MapMyRun or Runkeeper?

I have been using the free version of MapMyRun, but I've also heard a lot of people use Runkeeper. I just wondered if anyone had any experience of using both of them and which was better? I'm also pondering a GPS watch: Garmin 10, but not sure if it is worth it....any advice?

Now I'm a runner there is a whole new world of shopping experiences open to me! No longer I'm I drawn to handbags & shoes, it's now running clothes, running magazines, etc......such JOY!


Wow, thanks everyone for your advice, I think I have a bit of research to do now. As I'm due to start week 9 on Tuesday I'll finish off the plan with MapMyRun and then I'll give the other apps a trial and see how I get along with them......will let you know my findings. Cheers to everyone and happy running. X

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  • I did use MayMyRun - until I discovered that I could programme intervals into Runkeeper. I then did all my C25K runs using Runkeeper and divorced Laura.

  • Poor Laura!

  • I've been using RunKeeper since 2010 and have all my long walks, some bike rides and all the info from my first run to my c25k on there so wouldn't switch apps now. The only bad side is if the GPS is poor the tracking gets wildly out but you can then edit it on the PC.

  • So far I have not had any problems with the GPS and I have used it in the UK & Australia. I do like the sound of Runkeeper, in that you can program intervals in to it. I think I will give Runkeeper a go.

  • I use runkeeper and find it to be quite accurate (just used it during my first race on Monday and it matched :) ) why don't you try Runkeeper and see if you prefer it over mapmyrun, it's free too.

  • I love your user name, I think I need to change mine to "I love cake"! Whenever I feel myself lacking motivation I just think of that next dessert/cake or pudding I can indulge in!

  • I did try map my run first - with no success at all, don't think it covers where I live! Runkeeper I found much more straight forward - same problems as hilario above & one place I run goes out of gps range at the same point everytime - which makes the run interesting! But as long as the gps has been at a good strength for the rest of the run, it seems to correct this later.

  • As for the shopping .... It's hard not to go mad isn't it. I set myself goals than reward myself :-) Got a new bra & top for my first 10k race. Next us 10 miles ....hmmmm ;-)

  • I have also been setting myself goals and then treating myself to a few things, at the moment I'm waiting on a delivery from excited about new Nike capris & matching tshirt.....I do find if you feel good then it is reflected in your performance. My first reward was a decent sports bra- and wow what a difference that investment ever!

  • Or Endomondo? You needed a third option.

    I prefer Endomondo to Runkeeper, probably because at the time the user interface was better.

  • Oh my god, I'm going to have to check out Endomondo've just made life in more difficult! LOL. I'm never very good at decision making, although having said that, I made an excellent one in deciding to start 'Couch25K".

  • I use Runkeeper. I've had a few runs where it's been hilariously inaccurate and told me I'm running at a world-record pace (I don't!) but I've discovered that if you allow the maps to fully upload and wait until it says 'good GPS' then that doesn't generally happen.

    I use it alongside the 5k+ podcasts and I also use it with Podrunner, which I've just discovered. I seem to run better to music that has a specific beat.

  • Podrunner! More homework for me to do! I agree with the music, I love running to music, I have recently discovered's a great resource....if you have not seen it yet then it maybe time to check it out. I have also downloaded some Radio 4 podcasts.....mainly Woman's Hour podcasts, I have not tried any out yet, so that maybe an interesting exercise.

  • I use mapmyrun and have no problems with it. Love the way you can download to your phone runs in any area that others have done.

  • Yes, I have also found the suggested routes in your area quite good, it just gives you some alternatives to the same repetitive runs. I have not had any problems with MapMyRun, but I do find it slightly restrictive, and I'm not keen to upgrade to the paid version as I think it's quite expensive.

  • Thanks for asking this question, I have also been wondering the same thing. I started out with runkeeper many years ago even though I wasn't doing the accompanying exercise, so it was my natural choice when I started running. Also, I have a pebble watch which allows me to display my pace and time on there whilst I run without having to buy a separate GPS watch. I had heard a lot about mapmyrun and have toyed with playing with it (haven't had much of a chance) as I have heard that you can measure the distances of potential runs, but I'm guessing the are other ways to do that than going through another app. It's really encouraging to hear so many other people using runkeeper as I though I was one of the minorities on here. Thanks Bazza for lettin us know about the intervals - I haven't had much of a play with the functionality of runkeeper and was hoping this was one of the options as *when* I finally get to finishing my last C25K run (off due to a non running related injury) I would like to make sure I can properly monitor the running portion (I like my 5 minute waking warm ups) and make sure I can get the time of my 5k down (I have it all mapped out and I'm not even there yet) when the time comes that Laura has to leave :(

  • Also, I'd like to point out I have an iPhone 4 and it is painfully slow getting going, but I'm assuming that gets better when I upgrade to something a bit faster?

  • I have an iPhone 5c, and so far it has been very quick at picking up satellite signals. I'm so glad that my question has helped you out.....but I think we now have to consider Endomondo & Strava! Sometimes there is too much choice!

  • I've started using Strava as this appears to have a more accurate GPS than Runkeeper and Mapmyrun although I still log my runs on 2 or 3 things. But I only use it for,distance as I use my Nano with Nike+ for music... Still thinking about GPS watch but they do rely on a signal and like others I know I lose this in wooded areas!

  • I have one more week of Couch25K, and I'll think I'll continue to use MapMyRun until I'm finished, then I'll try out Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo and Runtastic! I'm not sure if they are all available over here in Australia, I know I can get Runkeeper, so I'll have to check out the App Store for the others.

  • I didn't like runkeeper I didn't think it was user friendly. I use

    Runtastic and think it's the best one out there! :-)

  • Thanks for your recommendation, I will check it out after I have graduated.....which will hopefully be on Saturday.

  • I started with Endomondo, which is great for picking out your best 1k, 3k, 5k etc from wherever it occurs in your run, so is better at tracking your PBs. I switched to Runkeeper when Endomondo gave me some ridiculously optimistic results, which I knew I was not capable of achieving. Setting up intervals on Runkeeper is easy and flexible, but it is not any more accurate than the other phone apps, being dependant on your hardware. What I have discovered recently is that I can transfer runs from one to the other. So, do a run with Runkeeper intervals, export it as GPX and then import into Endomondo for that greater analysis of your fastest sections. My son is a cyclist and swears by Strava which creates sections of runs, on which you can compare your times with other peoples on that section.

    Good news for all GPS app users is the arrival next year of Galileo, the new European Global Navigation Satellite System, which will be compatible, more accurate and free (unless you want micro precision).

  • Wow, thanks for your very comprehensive information, I shall be trialling Runkeeper soon, cheers.

  • Tried MapMyRun and Runkeeper and neither were able to stay connected to the Satellite so I got no results or even worse incomplete results. Got a garmin Forerunner 10 for my birthday and trialled it on our local 10K - one word for it BRILLIANT, light, great screen, super GPS, and when the data is uploaded full map of my run. Great simple runtracking device

  • Ooooooh, I'm still thinking of a Garmin 10 also, just because it will be so much easier to access, my phone is usually in my arm strap.....and I do find it a pain to access. It's my birthday next week, so I'm still dropping hints to the other half.....a nice pink one please!

  • I don't think I really used MapMyRun 'in anger' which suggests it was less user friendly than Runkeeper which I do use regularly. Just wish it would tell me I'd burned more calories - sometimes I swear the subtext is "May as well have stayed in bed"

    I've also used Walk4Life - and still do use the website as it gives you access to Ordnance Survey maps.

  • I know what you mean about calories, you feel like you have expended so much energy on a run, you come home sweating buckets and starving.....then the app says you've only used 'x' amount of calories! Oh well, the upside is that I have never been fitter or felt better about I now have some muscle definition developing on my thighs! I never had those before, well tell a lie, I had them about 34years ago....when I was 16!

  • Just to throw another in the mix. I use ismoothrun. It exports to RunKeeper, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal Strava and loads more. I like it as it keeps me to the pace that I have selected when running. Good luck with choosing.

  • Endomondo ticks the box for me. I used to use MapMyRun but found it to be quite inaccurate.

  • I personally use RunKeeper and I have never had any issues with it at all.

  • I must admit I have a garmin 10 and think it is fantastic. I upload my runs to the garmin sight and it shows me where I have run on a map as well as lots of other information for comparison. I haven't tried any of the other apps mentioned, but have never felt the need. I got it when I was on week8 of c25k

  • I vote runkeeper, I love it and it's very user friendly and I like how it tells me my pace, time & mileage every 5 minutes. I also have a Garmin. Forerunner 10 which sometimes takes long to get location depending on where I am. I am surprised that today when I ran my 10K race, it picked up the location right away.

  • Really good question. I've been wondering what to do... or whether to resist as it is all extra 'kit' and makes me a bit too competitive with myself. Where I live Runkeeper keeps losing me - and sometimes when I was waiting for an interval it just didn't appear (very tiring when you're on a sprint) - but I suspect it is signal issues around here. . So I'm not sure that anything else would do any better. Also don't like my phone bouncing around in my back (I where a cycling top to keep it in). So tempted by a Garmin... birthday coming up and all!

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